New from the shipyard Greenline

Soon there will be new from the famous company Greenline yacht model 48 Hybrid. This is a very unusual and a more advanced model of the new generation. Hybrid flybridge cruiser-Explorer presents with increased size of the vessel, a new design, the NextGen system, comfortable flybridge, two guest cabins, hydraulic platform.

It is really a good model that will make a revolution in yacht building. The new boat will be Continue reading “New from the shipyard Greenline”

Hylas Yachts presents new cruiser H60

Hylas Yachts is the new H60 is a boat designed for cruise travel and created using the latest technologies for optimum performance and maximum comfort on Board.

“Hylas Yachts has made a name for himself, producing yachts that can make cruises around the world more comfortable than ever, says Andy Huang, General Director of the shipyard. — H60 continues this tradition, raising the quality to a new level by increasing both the external and internal space.”


As with any yacht Continue reading “Hylas Yachts presents new cruiser H60”

Bold yachts from Vasily Klyukina

Russian businessman Vasily Klyukin never ceases to amaze. In may 2013 it acquired the flight into Space in this amazing and extraordinary journey architect will go along with Leonardo DiCaprio. Today, the renowned architect decided to make a revolution in the world of yachting. He created some real masterpieces. His new yacht is the epitome of strangeness, courage, modernity and style.

New yachts from Vasily Klyuev is a true masterpiece. Each of them is a houseboat. Every millionaire who Continue reading “Bold yachts from Vasily Klyukina”

A trip on the yacht: no attributes for fishing not enough

A trip on the yacht: no attributes for fishing not enough

Sailing, snorkeling, fishing — there are many options for guests “on the water”, which can be easily combined to obtain a perfect result. Going to the sea or river walk in picturesque places, it is necessary to prepare for attractive travel. Romance and fresh air — constant “companions” of sailing. To share this wonderful pastime with you family and friends. Sailing is not the classic stay in a hotel room or on a sandy beach, so Continue reading “A trip on the yacht: no attributes for fishing not enough”

“Have you seen this?”: The 72-metre Solo S701 from Tankoa Yachts launched

Despite the fact that, in announcing the new model, representatives of Tankoa Yachts said that will have to wait until the Monaco show in September, it happened much earlier.

Of course, to consider the boat in detail can only 2018 visitors to the Monaco Yacht Show. But if to speak about scale and appearance, they can be estimated already now — in the photo taken in the Italian city of Genoa, where Solo S701 launched.

Designed by Francesco Paszkowski (interior design — along with Continue reading ““Have you seen this?”: The 72-metre Solo S701 from Tankoa Yachts launched”

The lake Bath is the best place for a family holiday

The lake Bath is the best place for a family holiday 1

What could be better than holidays with family? It is a great joy when parents are able to leave at once and go with children to the resort. This holiday not only nourishes positive emotions and gives a welcome relaxation, but also brings all family members. But, planning a trip, it is necessary first to define the destination, for on his choice depends, will your holiday quiet and relaxing or you the whole trip will have to fall asleep to Continue reading “The lake Bath is the best place for a family holiday”

To buy property in Turkey – where to go?

To buy property in Turkey – where to go?

In recent years very important was the question of buying property abroad. You must agree, everyone dreams about the summer house on the beach, where you can come with your family or with your friends and relax in comfort without thinking about what you need to pre-book a hotel room and other chores before the trip. The real estate is in principle a very profitable investment, but if we are talking about a Villa on somewhere on the coast. In addition Continue reading “To buy property in Turkey – where to go?”

Le Koroc — houseboat solar

This attractive, floating house, designed by the Quebec shipbuilders Daigno, will definitely appeal to those who appreciate comfort and privacy. Named Le Koroc, it is available in two versions — for professional fishermen and for those who just want to have a tiny house that floats.

Important point: Le Koroc equipped with solar panels, so that the environmentally friendly possessions, we need not worry. Well, not to mention the internal layout, which “squeezes” from a small space all that Continue reading “Le Koroc — houseboat solar”

**Turkey — active development of sailing

Turkey is an amazing country! A country where Dating the East with the West. Turkey is rightly considered a sort of Museum beneath open sky. In this country, intricately intertwined various historical layers related to Europe and Asia. In addition, for more than thirty years in Turkey is actively developing sailing. Today, yachting in Turkey is at a high level of development.

Everything is here excellent conditions for lovers of sailing and for experienced, experienced sailors. Beginners Continue reading “**Turkey — active development of sailing”