About Lake Mead, Nevada

Lake Mead Reservoir is located within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It is one of the largest reservoirs in the USA and it has plenty of room for exploring with a boat. The water level is low, but it is still a huge lake! Lake Mead is a popular destination for tourists and locals because it is only 20 minutes from Las Vegas. When it is hot in Las Vegas the cool waters of the lake feel so refreshing.

About Jump-n-It Boat Rentals

Jump-n-It Boat Rentals is a locally owned and operated boat rental service. We love to go boating on Lake Mead as much as we can. As avid boaters ourselves feel, free to ask us questions about the lake and how to best enjoy it. We take pride in our boats and we keep them in perfect running order. We do everything possible to make your day on the lake a lot of fun.