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Sports motor yacht Princess V39 got a deserved victory. She once again received the title of “Best yacht of 15 meters”. Last week took place the award ceremony in Hong Kong.

A yacht for the first time declared itself in 2012 in London. Since then she does not hand over positions and is a leader in various competitions. But this is not the most important thing. The main achievement for Princess V39 was sales. At the moment, has sold about one hundred and thirty buildings.

Yacht Princess V39 has a lightweight case which is made in the most modern technologies. We used a method of vacuum molding, and high quality resin. This provided high strength and low weight, low fuel consumption and long service line.

Yacht Princess V39 can be used in any Russian area. Due to the fact that the yacht has a low draft, it can easily pass for any navigable river. The yacht has a stylish design. She is the best example in its class. So the award is really deserved.

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