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In the process of cooperation between the companies and Schottel, Corvus Energy has developed a new yacht 006. The ship is made entirely of environmentally friendly materials. The roof of the yacht is covered by photovoltaic elements.

On the roof these items, one hundred and sixty squares – they generate up to twenty kilowatts of power. Thanks to these solar panels, meals are provided a Jacuzzi and a sauna. The yacht has a length of forty three meters. It can reach speeds up to twelve knots. The ship is equipped with two engines and two motors. If you believe the forecasts, the price of the new model will be ninety-seven million dollars.

Another modern yacht was designed by designer Erik Sifrer is the ship Green Jet Yacht. On the boat the whole system is computerized. Therefore, to operate the vessel very simple. The height of masts on a ship is fifty eight meters. They are supported by two vertical arches.

All parts of the vessel is made from carbon fiber. The deck is made of teak wood, it has stainless steel parts. The yacht has a weight of three hundred and thirty tons, and its length is about fifty seven meters. This boat is universal. It is powered by the energy provided by the wind. But that’s not all. The ship is equipped with hydraulic motors, the capacity of each is nine hundred fifty kilowatts.

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