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Russian businessman Vasily Klyukin never ceases to amaze. In may 2013 it acquired the flight into Space in this amazing and extraordinary journey architect will go along with Leonardo DiCaprio. Today, the renowned architect decided to make a revolution in the world of yachting. He created some real masterpieces. His new yacht is the epitome of strangeness, courage, modernity and style.

New yachts from Vasily Klyuev is a true masterpiece. Each of them is a houseboat. Every millionaire who will afford such expensive purchase, you will enjoy the amazing, so-called rest at home, among the boundless spaces of the sea. By the way, one of the yachts Klyukina made under the metropolis of new York.

Superyacht Mississippi has a seventy-eight meters in length. It is made under the paddle steamers, which in the nineteenth century plied the Mississippi river. The ship Business Shark has okolovrusno form. It will emphasize the status of the real millionaires.

Despite the fact that Klyukin a hundred percent certain that his new boat will appeal to multimillionaires, he still decided to create them. Brave decision isn’t it?






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