**Cruise-racing car Beneteau First 40.7

Beneteau First 40.7 is a legendary cruise-racing car, is the pride of the company Beneteau! The yacht was first presented publicly in 1997. Like she was a nobody because she embodies all the best in the race sail at the time. Since then many years have passed, but the Beneteau boats are not falling in price, and that’s saying a lot. Thanks to a highly successful design from Bruce Farr ship everywhere gets best scores in the legendary offshore regatta.

Despite the racing character on the outside, Beneteau First 40.7 is a comfortable cruise ship inside. 3 spacious double cabins can accommodate six large person and it takes place without any tightness. Two more people are comfortable in the mess if necessary.

Going to sea on the legendary boat Beneteau First 40.7, you can be confident in the success of achieving these goals, whether it’s pleasant sailing holiday or a sporting victory. A yacht is considered a jewel of the model range of the company Beneteau and talent of the designer Bruce Farr.

Beneteau First 40 — already the seventh generation of the popular 40-th model. What has ensured its high popularity? In the first place — it is a very successful combination of high performance, capacity, comfort, and price. Today, the First 40 boats very successfully perform at the many regattas from a modest club to a serious 600-mile races like the Sydney-Hobart.

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