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Designer Alastair Callender designed a beautiful yacht in The Soliloquy. This unique vessel is powered by energy provided by the wind and the sun, as well as with sails. By the way, the sails on the ship have a length of fifty eight meters. The designer’s aim bol to create not just a beautiful, comfortable yacht.

He created the ship from eco-friendly materials during construction was applied only safe methods, the yacht is powered by environmentally friendly fuels. By the way, the unusual sailing technology, which is applied on the ship, received a grant from the government of the United States of America. The yacht can reach speeds of up to eight nodes. A ship can comfortably accommodate about twelve people.

In 2009, appeared on the market another super-yacht model Ethereal, which was developed by Royal Huisman. This yacht embodies all the technologies that are associated with the environment. The ship has a luxurious interior, powered by electrical energy.

The yacht is designed for comfortable stay of twelve people. In addition to vacationers, the ship provides space for ten crew members. For guests there are five cabins, three of which are double. The yacht has a length of fifty-eight meters, capable of speeds up to seventeen knots.

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