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In order to enter public service, you definitely need to provide a medical certificate which will indicate the absence of contraindications to work in this field. Reference form for civil servants special, as this is a serious type of work.

Work in such bodies, is called service, as it is assumed that people do not just perform any professional duties, and promote the common good.

This special position of the activity, and defines a special approach in the selection of employees. In particular, in Russia, citizens are admitted to public service only if you satisfy the requirements of a professional and have no medical contraindications.

How to get help for civil services?

The currently valid form has received the name of 001 HS/W. compared to the old shape, it has fewer items and is issued much faster.

To obtain such a statement in a municipal medical facility that is located at the place of registration or purchase.

The first way is longer and takes more time. So many use the second method and decided to buy a certificate for the civil service, as it is much easier to do, and most importantly be able to save time, while receiving the exact same document.

The expiration date of the certificate

The certificate does not contain the opinions of a larger number of doctors about the health of the person. For example, if a person gets a driver in the government Agency, most importantly, that this help was the opinion of optometrist.

The frequency with which you will have to pass the examination and the content of the information in the certificate depends on the requirements of the employer, as well as the specifics of the work.

Under current law, a certificate in the form 001 GS/U is valid for one year. Thus, the examination is required annually.

Features fill

If the person receives a certificate in municipal medical institution, he will surely have to produce your passport and medical insurance policy. Help 001 GS/y must be indicated:

  • • name of the institution which was issued the certificate;
  • • initials of the individual;
  • • date of birth, which is completely;
  • • sexual symptom;
  • • the name of the organization that provided the document;
  • • place of permanent residence;
  • • the policy number.
  • After the list the above data indicate that there is no disease, that may become an obstacle for the implementation of activities in the civil service. Planned tests should always be carried out only after receiving direction from the employer.

    Thus, in this article you have learned more with what is a medical certificate, how it can be obtained and on what information it contains. Everyone chooses how to receive this help, however, it is important to understand that it is simply impossible to carry out activities in the sphere of civil service.

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