High-quality Finnish knife: through the times

High-quality Finnish knife: through the times

Throughout the development of human history, knives have occupied a special place in everyday life. This is the first tool, in fact, is the main assistant of the man. Prehistoric people used self-made knives for hunting, field dressing, fabrication of carcass and cut products available. No knife, no cost, no picnic and hike on nature.

Now the knife is multifunctional:

  • Life;
  • Means of self-defense;
  • Of a military nature.

For all time of existence of the knives got a huge number of varieties. Today we will talk about the history of the Finnish knife is one of the most popular.

High-quality Finnish knife: through time 2

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This knife is truly unique in its essence and structure. His appearance evolved over the centuries and today we see simple but ingenious and versatile instrument. This knife is popular not only in CIS, but also far abroad.

High-quality Finnish knife: through the ages 3

The original knife was created exclusively for domestic purposes – maintaining services, working with wood and so on. He then became a frequent guest on fishing and hunting. And now some States even use it for military purposes.

As in the days of the Russian Empire and the USSR, the knife became wildly popular and found wide application in many fields of human activity. People called “Finca” any knife having a straight blade and a bevel butt. Over time, Finnish knives modernized to give them a more “Russian” image that distinguishes them from Finnish guns. These knives came to be called simply “Fink”.

The first knife of this type appeared in the 10th century, it is called the “classical model”. Edged weapons regularly developed and improved in design. Quite popular was the game with the handle. Different types of wood, color, additional decorative elements, inserts, precious metals and so on. Often the handle were done with special heads, for example heads of various animals.

Examining in detail the history of the Finnish knife on the territory of Russia, we can say that Finland was used by criminals in large cities. The knife was perceived as a prohibited weapon. The main reason for such a strange popularity of a knife in the criminal environment was striking. The blade had great penetration properties when coluseum impact.

Many poets and authors have mentioned a Finnish knife in his works: Sergei Yesenin, Mikhail Bulgakov, Vladimir Vysotsky and many other masters of the word.

The popularity of the Finnish knife is not quenched to this day. He remains as a weapon and a knife for life, and a unique tool for collectors.

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