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The shipyard Otam is known for its quick and concise (but very modern) design sports boat that combines great quality and innovation of the market. The Prime example of this philosophy shipbuilder is a 85 GTS — boat, the prototype of which, Otam 80, caused a storm of emotions at the yachting festival in Cannes last year.

“When we presented the Otam 80 in Cannes, he immediately attracted the attention of the audience with their performance and appearance. Several clients came to us with a request, expressing interest in the model, but asking a little to increase the size,” says sales Manager Otam Belardinelli Matteo (Matteo Belardinelli). This, he adds, was the starting point for creating new, more stylish version.

According to representatives of the shipyard, futuristic concept inspired by the design of supercars, especially interested one customer who wanted to keep up this momentum, but requested changes in its exterior styling. French architect Joseph Diran (Joseph Dirand), a history of collaboration with Otam immediately took the order to the work, including not only the appearance of the boat, but also its interior.

The result is the Otam 85 GTS — fast, modern and very stylish. Dual engine MTU 2600 hp gives the ship a maximum speed of 45 knots, while the form provides ample space for relaxing both on the nose and aft, a comfortable living room and dining room with bar and kitchenette. However, the real revelation may be the presence on Board of two spacious showers.

“Our client is an experienced yachtsman, who gradually came from the production of yachts and boats for models that are consistent with his individual needs and sense of style — says Belardinelli. — He appealed to Otam, because I know that we are working with your personal designer, so we can come up with something that is only him. And, of course, will not forget about the quality and high performance.”

It is reported that Otam 85 GTS will be delivered to the owner after complete the Assembly in June 2019.

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