Silent 79 Cruiser — the first catamaran powered by solar batteries

The Austrian eco-oriented shipyard Silent Yachts showed how will look the new catamaran Cruiser 79 Silent running on solar batteries. It is reported that already sold two models of 24-metre catamaran, the first of which will be delivered in 2020.

Designer Marco Casali who worked on the project, notes that its main task was the combination of classic Italian design with innovation at its core with panels on the roof.

In the end, 79 Silent, completely powered by solar energy, Continue reading “Silent 79 Cruiser — the first catamaran powered by solar batteries”

Sunreef Yachts will take part in yacht exhibition

The company Sunreef Yachts announces its participation in annual boat show. This year the exhibition will be held from twenty fourth to the twenty-seventh of September. The event is known, the shipyard will display its new model and best model 2013.

The Ultimate series from the company Sunreef Yachts presents high-speed catamarans. This is a modern yacht, which differ from other models of modernity, environmental friendliness, excellent seakeeping qualities. On the yacht there are Continue reading “Sunreef Yachts will take part in yacht exhibition”

The Winners Of The World Yacht Trophy 2014

the ceremony of awarding the prestigious prize yacht World Yacht Trophy
in which the winners were announced. The ceremony takes place every year and
organize it, the French publishing Group Luxmedia house.

the results of the competition, the winner was the flagship, the Ferretti category
from eighty to one hundred twenty feet. In the opinion of yachtsmen and yacht owners
the jury took the right decision really. This model has no flaws.
The creators have submitted the tender Continue reading “The Winners Of The World Yacht Trophy 2014”

The yachting festival in Cannes: results

Cannes hosted the thirty-seventh exhibition of yachts. This year it lasted from the ninth to the fourteenth of September. The exhibition created a furor. It was larger, more brightly.

In the framework of this event the audience was presented to about five hundred yachts up to fifty-five meters, and one hundred of them were world premieres. In General, the festival was represented by four hundred and eighty exhibits, which came to fifty thousand visitors. If we compare these figures Continue reading “The yachting festival in Cannes: results”

Boat show in Genoa was visited by more than one hundred thousand people

In the first days of October in Genoa hosted the annual boat show. This year there were a record number of visitors. Just counted a hundred and nine thousand two hundred people. Based on these data, the exhibition in Genoa has become the most visited event in 2014. The organizers just surprised by the findings. Such success did not expect.

The exhibition featured a lot of models from famous yacht manufacturers. In the event, the audience was able to see the well-known brands, to admire Continue reading “Boat show in Genoa was visited by more than one hundred thousand people”

Sunseeker will create the largest yacht in its history

It became known that the British Builder Sunseeker will unveil an aluminum superyacht 161, created in collaboration with Dutch shipyard ICON Yachts, in 2021. This boat will not only be the largest in the history of the superyacht shipbuilder, but also a first for Sunseeker metallic vessel.

49 metre 161 will be built on the object ICON in Harlingen. However, we are talking exclusively about the innovative aluminium case, while the naval architecture, design and engineering will remain under Continue reading “Sunseeker will create the largest yacht in its history”

Turquoise Yachts has introduced the concept of a 77-meter Quantum

Turkish shipyard Turquoise Yachts (formerly known as Proteksan Turquoise) has teamed up with the Ken Freivokh Design team to introduce a new concept for a 77-metre superyacht with the speaker called Quantum.

As for the lessons of physics, only better.

The new creation of the shipbuilding company, which is positioned as “a quantum leap from any previously built yachts Turquoise”, while presented in concept form. But it’s something — the concept with four decks and a very impressive Continue reading “Turquoise Yachts has introduced the concept of a 77-meter Quantum”

Help needed for the civil service

In order to enter public service, you definitely need to provide a medical certificate which will indicate the absence of contraindications to work in this field. Reference form for civil servants special, as this is a serious type of work.

Work in such bodies, is called service, as it is assumed that people do not just perform any professional duties, and promote the common good.

This special position of the activity, and defines a special approach in the selection of employees. In Continue reading “Help needed for the civil service”

How to obtain a certificate 086 U?

Specialized medical reports defining the current state of health required everywhere. To obtain it you need to pass a number of doctors to pass a number of tests. Then, a document is issued with stamps and seals where indicated on whether people work/study in accordance with the state of his health.

How to get help?

Naturally, the process of getting help is quite difficult. To become its owner you will need: