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“When I scurried Palm Beach almost 25 years ago, I had a multi-faceted set of objectives: to design and build magnificent, most efficient and most beautiful yachts among those that ever floated, — the General Director of the shipyard, mark Richards. — GT50 at the moment combines all that is best at Palm Beach”.

It is expected that the model will debut at the Newport International Boat Show in September. And then — perhaps having gone through some revision — “perform” at the boat show in düsseldorf in January 2019.

In Palm Beach note that the yacht has a speed of 42 knots and cruising speed of 35 knots, which is possible due to a pair of powerful engines Volvo IPS 800. Minimal fuel consumption — 40 litres per hour at 35 knots, makes Palm Beach GT50 one of the most efficient yachts available today.

Recall that the GT series features yacht included in her unique hull design to reduce resistance as much as possible and it allows to minimize the energy consumption. However, this is the aim and the lightweight design, and elements of the yacht, connected to the housing in a special way.

When working on a new model, added the representatives of Palm Beach, a lot of attention was paid to the presence on the yacht of the open space allowing you to accommodate large groups of guests. The concept of attention to detail continues wood finish wenge, teak or ash to choose from.

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