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In 2021, the America’s Cup for the first time will be held AC75 Fly racing Monohull. Despite the fact that the innovations announced at the end of March this year, Emirates Team New Zealand has already introduced its version of the yacht, which promises to be even more rapid and impressive than the AC50.

Designer Philippe Briand (Philippe Briand) and his team were among the first who began to develop the concept of the AC75 from scratch and completed the project.

The concept of a flying yacht is built around the “development of technology and sailing within the America’s Cup as one of the leading competitions in sailing”.

The concept of the AC75 combines the best characteristics of a modern yacht, including high speed and innovative design. At the same time, “legs”, holding the boat with a length of 6.5 meters above the water, making it compact and very maneuverable.

Of course, not only members of the America’s Cup will be able to benefit from the project briana. Just to bring the boat on a broad market designer with the team reduced the size of the vessel, while reviewing the overall design, which is now designed so that it matches the speed and load on the body.

It is reported that this yacht is ideal for managing a crew of two. Its speed in the “take-off” when it reaches 10 knots.

Drawing on his extensive experience and queries the current influencers, Philippe Briand sought to create a project with a low budget that can be put into production at any shipyard. In the end AC75 was a perfect illustration of the philosophy of Brian, who always goes beyond the set boundaries in yacht design.

“We wanted to move innovations from the racing sector on the broader market, but to make sure that they have a reasonable cost. I want to tell Millennials how great it is to sail. And I’ll make it with AC75 Fly Monohulls in 2021,” concludes the designer.

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