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Polyester resin – boat repair and boat

Every boat owner knows that the polyester resin for the repair of a boat is a great option. It is perfect for construction and repair of boats and yachts due to its unique properties.

What kind of resin it is better to choose for the construction or repair of yachts and boats?
Until today the masters who are engaged in repair and construction of swimming vehicles, did not come to a consensus, which resin is polyester or epoxy is better suited for construction. In the Soviet Union was only epoxy, and the existence and polyester was not known. The price of epoxy can was reasonable and she could afford to every craftsman.

Polyester resin

However, today it is not so popular, and most companies that spetsializiruyutsya on these services, choose polyester. This is largely due to the fact that it is almost half cheaper than epoxy, and the features are almost the same. Moreover, companies that use epoxy resin, this is used in advertising campaigns as a proof of good quality of goods and services.

For epoxy resin is characterized by:

  • Slight shrinkage;
  • minimum filtration of moisture in the cured state;
  • a high level of both mechanical and chemical (resin is resistant to most alkalis, acids, turpentine, gasoline, and other solvents) durability.

Epoxy resin cures in just 20 to 40 minutes after application. On the Ukrainian market, you will easily find epoxy resin from European manufacturers, made in China or Ukraine. Chinese epoxy resin is the best budget option, the disadvantage is that it may eventually yellow, which has a negative impact on the appearance of trays at a time, as the chemical-physical characteristics, it is no different. Products from European manufacturers are much more expensive, but the quality of them is great. Ukrainian epoxy resin is a product which meets the characteristics of “price – quality”. It is available and meets all quality requirements.

For polyester resin is characterized by:

  • viscosity;
  • strength;
  • barcol hardness;
  • deformation heat resistance.

The resin hardens in about 2-3 hours, which can complicate the work with her. The choice depends on your financial possibilities and personal preferences. Each master can try both and figure out which he likes more.

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