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A huge army of fans of excitement, knowing that slot machines Ulkan for real money during the day can function continuously, regularly visits the online gambling club. It’s so tempting to play when convenient for you. Whether it’s boring, waiting queue in the clinic or stay at the airport, emulators are always ready to brighten up the monotonous course of life of the modern user. In order to not spend your free time in vain and were invented by the machines in the casino the Volcano, where you can earn while having fun. The main thing is to find the model that is able to generate interest and intrigue for real.

Slot The Incredible Hulk


Development of the Playtech brand is likely to attract the attention of gamers who rate the product by the number of bonuses, stock options and additional functions. The basis of the game with amazing animation stories of famous comics and movies. Familiar characters will delight their fans.

This Ulkan slots for real money with five turntables and twenty five active lines. Basic playing card icons presented figures, a police helicopter and cars, as well as directly by the Hulk. Good prizes can be obtained for the loss of sets of images with glasses filled with green liquid (the amount of the bet increases as the number five). The most valuable sign is the symbol of radiation (rate multiplied by four thousand points).

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Try on the role of the Hulk
With the help of three icons is the launch of free spins. All ten are charged in the triple equivalent. The Hulk acts as a wild symbol, which can be found on the three Central mechanisms. Through this sign option is activated a Growing Giant that is expressed in the manual tearing of the screen the main character. Such a strange way, he presents a gift to the player on the right rotation. In the game Incredible Hulk are the functions that promote enjoyable leisure activities and getting a good win.

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