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In September of this year, the world premiere yacht Manhattan 65. This is a new engine model from Sunseeker. The presentation took place in Southampton, at the international exhibition.

For aficionados, owners and fans of the yacht company Sunseeker – did not make the news the virtuosity of execution of the innovations presented. The interior is chic, exclusive design and excellent technical characteristics are all inherent the Manhattan 65. She became the largest yacht in their range, despite this, the captain has the possibility of maneuvering control, if you set the IPS drive system.

The layout of the yacht chetyrehchastnaya that allows you to take two crew members and up to 8 guests. In addition, the whole width of the vessel there is a master cabin with comfortable chairs, a wardrobe and a huge Desk. Her plan worked for Sunseeker International in the end, it became possible to install the hydraulic system and stabilization system Sleipner.

The latter, as might be expected, is an incredible luxury combined with comfort, complemented by natural light from the Windows, filling the cabins of the lower deck and beautiful panoramic views. Every detail of the interior is created from top quality materials.

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