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Forums-maneuver information exchange in the global network. Not so long ago, this platform was the only salvation for inexperienced users. But the Internet has expanded and in the near future originated many new services. It seemed social network, reviews, comments, can completely destroy a considerable part of the forums, but even today people just as before visited them. Because I believe that this is the only place to get good advice. The term “forum” in plain language means a society of like-minded people. That is a theme club which brings together people with common interests. For example, the computer forum. Turned user of Excel who from time to time there are questions in the program. Asks for advice from more experienced specialists of the same sphere. They, in turn, can give good advice, for which you do not need to pay. That is, at the conferences to discuss specific topics. How to determine what is on this site can help?

The meaning of computer forums

• From the list of suggested web resources select forum the most more lured.
• Learn the names of the sections, walk through the pages, carefully read the discussion.
• Pay attention to the number of topics of discussion. If they are not enough, the site is not particularly popular.

All thematic platforms created almost identical. Each of them has a different number of columns. First had to visit the computer forum? Need to know how to use it. This is mainly six sections:

• For dummies. To find the solution you need to visit the category. Perhaps the question was already discussed and the answer is already there. • Reinforcement for newcomers. Novice users intelligent machines will undoubtedly see many interesting things.
• Problems at work. That is, the computer sent to work in the usual mode, and now it freezes, is buggy.
• Assistance with computer programs. When problems arise with software, the output can be easily found in this column.
• Online help. Here we not only discuss Internet resources, users share links with useful information.
• The mechanism of the personal computer. Replacement, repair of components.

To be a full participant in the discussions you need to register. The idea of the forums is simple: sharing information, real experience, free help their ally and just socializing.

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