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Company Baikal Yacht Group displays on the Russian market two cruise yachts. Despite the fact that the 15-metre boat look like twins, they say representatives of the Baikal Yacht, have different personalities and are made of different materials.

So, fans of high-speed travel will appreciate the version with aluminum housing and two diesel engines from 400 HP Well, fans of travelling a yacht with a steel hull and two economical diesel engines 150 HP

“These yacht brothers is similar, but they’re not twins. They have different character and temperament, — joked the head of the project Sergey Hmara. — We know our regular customers and help them to develop in yachting and to make the right choice. Now grown up a whole generation of lovers of the water who want to change from 10-12 meters to a more comfortable yacht in length of 15-16 meters. The difference, even in 2-3 meters gives a very different feeling space.”

It is reported that the yacht will be various options of layouts, but always in three cabins, that is ideal for vessels of this size. At the request of the owner may require the location of the cabins of the captain in the aft. The galley will be in the lower or upper salon on the choice.

“But the design of the internal space, customers will have a complete carte Blanche. Get to choose any colors and materials — adds chief designer of the project Maxim Lodkin. Here we are ready to satisfy all requests in color and structure. The wildest imagination to really bring to life, but, of course, within the customer’s budget”.

It is known that the yacht will be equipped with twin diesel engines Italian manufacturer FPT IVECO. According to its characteristics, they are familiar to the Russian market of motors, but cost and economy of service far superior to competitors.

The first contract for construction of the Baikal aluminum 15 has passed the coordination with the customer, so in the fall of 2019 debut series yacht delivered to her owner in Croatia.

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