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Turkey is an amazing country! A country where Dating the East with the West. Turkey is rightly considered a sort of Museum beneath open sky. In this country, intricately intertwined various historical layers related to Europe and Asia. In addition, for more than thirty years in Turkey is actively developing sailing. Today, yachting in Turkey is at a high level of development.

Everything is here excellent conditions for lovers of sailing and for experienced, experienced sailors. Beginners who decided to taste all the pleasures of a holiday by the sea, ideal Aegean sea. The movement of the ship along the rugged caves and bays of the coastline will give a wonderful opportunity to get pleasure from the contemplation of beautiful landscapes and combines picturesque nature and the grandeur of ancient monuments.

Maritime infrastructure in Turkey is continuously improved, as evidenced by the emergence of new Marin, an increase in the fleet. The main centers of Turkish yachting are those that are located on the shores of the Aegean sea: Marmaris, Finike, göcek and Bodrum. These cities, as a rule, becomes the starting point for cruises on the yacht.

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