10 quotes Issei Miyake about outgoing beauty, design and clothing
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He believes that the main purpose of clothing – to please, and the designer – to explore. For nearly half a century, this is exactly what the Japanese designer, Issey Miyake, has been doing. Fashion industry respects him for the technological designs of comfortable clothing, appreciates his unusual things, which he turned into art objects, adores the fragrances of Japanese authorship and remembers, in particular, that he created the iconic black turtleneck of Steve Jobs. Today Issei Miyake is 81 years old, and Vogue.ua recalls his landmark quotations in which there is something to learn.

Issey Miyake, 1987

Design – not for philosophy, but for life
The goal with which I begin is the idea of ​​use. This is not recycling, it is reuse.

Pleated – business card brand Issey Miyake

I have always been interested in conducting research that led to new methods of fabric making, and in developing new materials that combine craftsmanship and new technologies. But the most important thing for me is to show that, ultimately, technology is not the most important tool; it is our brain, our thoughts, our hands, our bodies, which express the most important things
I like going to the galleries. Other people give me ideas. If I see what I like, I ask. Then I give the artists clothes and forget about it.

The best fragrance is the smell of water, the smell of dew and rain that falls on plants. Water is an essential element, a source of life and energy. A perfume that, like clothes, moves to satisfy a woman, her skin. Fragrance that covers a woman
Beauty is like a sunset: it disappears as soon as you try to capture it. The beauty you like is exactly what eludes you

Issey Miyake Fall-Winter 1987/1988

From the very beginning, I was thinking about working with the body in motion, between the body and the clothes. I wanted clothes to move when people moved. Clothing created for people to dance or laugh with them
What we can bring to people in clothes is joy; joy is to have her
Personal imagination is not for a commercial reason, but for a good feeling.

Most of us feel some uncertainty with increasing population and reduced resources. But sooner or later we must face these problems.

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