19 simple but stylish outlets of the royal family
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Princess Diana’s casual wardrobe has been considered the reference and incredibly fashionable for many years. But she is not the only monarch person with good taste and sense of style.

Princess Diana in London, 1995

For example, Princess Anna loved to wear Adidas Gazelle sneakers. She also inherited the love of her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, for print silk scarves, and used them regularly, artfully combining them with shirts and jumpers. The Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex are particularly supportive of vests and tight-fitting jeans. And Princess Margaret sometimes dared to go against her own protocol and wore pants.

Princess Margaret and Earl of Snowdon, 1963

Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, 1971

Princess Anne, 1971

Princess Anna in Kiev, 1973

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II in Zambia, 1979

Princess Anna, 1982

Princess Anna with Peter and Zara Phillips, 1984

Princess Diana, 1986

Princess Anne and Peter Phillips, 1988

Princess Diana, 1988

Princess Diana and Prince William, 1992

Princess Diana, 1997

Elizabeth II, 2000

Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, 2006

Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George, 2015

Meghan Markle, 2019

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, 2019

Duchess of Cambridge, 2019


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