5 best hits of Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20
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UFW SS20 © Ukrainian Fashion Week

The jubilee 45th season of Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20 has come to an end. These 5 days were remembered by the audience for their vivid displays, fascinating presentations and informative lectures. As always, at the end of the fashion season, the tochka.net editorial staff sums up the UFW results, talks about the trends of the spring-summer 2020 season and recalls the best shows that were most remembered during the UFW SS20.

FROLOV. As always, Ivan Frolov decided to please the audience not only with fashionable outfits, but also with an exciting show on the catwalk. This season, the designer invited a symphony orchestra to perform at the Beethoven Symphony No. 5. Models in Fireworks corsets with hand embroidery and LEDs defiled under it, and the world-famous model Natalia Gotsiy became the main heroine of the collection.

FROLOV collection SS20

FROLOV collection SS20 © Ukrainian Fashion Week

JEAN GRITSFELDT. Each season, the designer chooses to show more and more new locations. For the presentation of the collection called Centaurs' Racing, he chose a racetrack, namely the Equides Club suburban park and hotel complex. The theme of the show was the author's interpretation of the royal races in Ascot and mythology. Jean himself appeared in front of the audience riding a horse.

Jean Gritsfeldt SS20 Collection

Jean Gritsfeldt collection SS20 © Ukrainian Fashion Week

LAKE STUDIO. The aesthetics of Asia and the noise of the Dnieper intertwined in the spring-summer collection of LAKE STUDIO, because the brand held its show in the building of the river station in Kiev. Designers of the brand Olesya Kononova and Anastasia Ryabokon were inspired by the engravings of the Chinese artist Zhang Datsyan and the image of a female samurai.

LAKE STUDIO SS20 Collection

LAKE STUDIO collection SS20 © Ukrainian Fashion Week

A.M.G. The brand preferred the native walls of the Mystetsky Arsenal to traveling locations, but decided to surprise the audience with the colorful colors of the collection and stylish outfits. A.M.G. He relied on the contrast of masculinity and femininity, dressing models in baggy suits and silk dresses. The idea of ​​balance and harmony was also conveyed through a combination of different textures, such as silk and wool, soft cotton and velvet, leather and satin.

A.M.G. SS20 collection

A.M.G. SS20 collection © Ukrainian Fashion Week

GASANOVA. This brand is known for its sexy and slightly provocative outfits, as well as designer fabrics with built-in crystals. This season, designer Elvira Hasanova perfected her collection by presenting a versatile wardrobe for any event. She conditionally divided the clothing line into 4 blocks. In each block – 7 images, repeating in silk, wool, denim and crystal fabric. Thus, the designer supported the idea of ​​responsible consumption.

GASANOVA collection SS20

GASANOVA collection SS20 © Ukrainian Fashion Week

Ukrainian Fashion Week SS20 has passed, and we can only enjoy its results – fashion trends for the spring-summer 2020 season.


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