5 fashionable ways to wear turtlenecks
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It is difficult to come up with a more practical thing than a classic turtleneck made of thin wool, because even the most complex jewelry looks great against its background, it is easy to combine with a business wardrobe, and also to collect multi-layer warm images.

In one color

The guests of the shows this season showed a love for solid colors, a classic turtleneck being an obligatory part of them. Someone chose a rich shade and collected things in it, and someone played with midtones in natural colors, but at the same time looked no less noticeable.

In the spirit of the 1980s

A turtleneck is not the first thing that pops up at the mention of the 1980s, but the street style reports this season showed that it looks great with banana pants on a high waist and broad-shouldered jackets. Ideally if they are shortened.

Under the shirt

Not all girls like sweaters, and in an office shirt is not always comfortable with the onset of cold weather. Golf from fine wool, which was delicately peeking out from under a loose shirt, will be the salvation.

Decorate the neck

To surprise someone with a combination of a jacket and turtleneck is, of course, difficult, but it was really popular with girls in Paris, and in Milan, and in Berlin. True, another element was mandatory – a spectacular decoration on the neck. The result was a simple but working combination.

Nothing extra

Another common and understandable combination does not lose its relevance – a combination of a turtleneck and regular jeans. To make it more interesting, you can choose golf with an unusual print or add an accessory, for example, with a hat you get a classic in the best traditions of the 1970s.

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