5 tips for caring for problematic skin
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Care for problematic skin of the body © depositphotos.com

Many girls suffer not only from problematic skin of the face, but also of the body. Especially problematic areas are the back, shoulders and décolleté. Not only healthy and proper nutrition will help to put your skin in order, but also proper and regular body care.

The editors of tochka.net decided to tell how to properly care for problem skin of the body. Using what methods you can solve the problem in the form of acne and rashes on the face – read in our article.

Pay attention to body care products. Especially on gels and shower milk. The composition of cleansers should not contain aggressive sulfates and silicones. Choose cleaning products that have a natural composition without aggressive ingredients. Experts recommend paying attention to shower gels with salicylic acid.

My body and head are separate. If you want to get rid of acne and skin rashes, experts insist on washing your head and body separately. And all because all the dust and dirt flows down a soapy river, clogging the pores on the body and exacerbating the situation in the form of acne and rashes.

Body skin care

Care for problematic skin of the body © depositphotos.com

Try a contrast shower. Hot and then cold water in the shower will not only make you more alert and healthier, but also relieve problems in the form of acne and rashes on the skin of the body.

Forget about hard washcloths and scrubs. Even the most harmless washcloth can harm your skin. And when the skin is inflamed, scrubs and washcloths only exacerbate the situation.

Pay attention to oils. After you take a shower, do not immediately apply body cream. Experts recommend that girls with problematic skin pay attention to oils that heal and relieve inflammation on the skin: tea tree oil, grape seed oil, almond, peach and sandalwood oil.

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Care for problem skin: rules and tips

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