5 Ways to Get Healthier in a Week
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5 Ways to Get Healthier in a Week © depositphotos.com

You made a promise that starting today you are embarking on healthy habits, but don’t know where to start? Start small, because getting rid of bad habits is very difficult, we know. The tochka.net editorial office offers you 5 ways in which you can feel much healthier.

Start your morning with a hearty and healthy breakfast. Even if you do not have time to work, give yourself at least 10 minutes in order to have a full breakfast. If you refuse breakfast, your body will make itself felt in 2-3 hours – you will have less energy and strength throughout the day. If you know that you have very little time in the morning, prepare breakfast in the evening. Your breakfast should include fresh fruits, vegetables, and fiber. Make yourself granola with nuts, scrambled eggs with vegetables, or toasts with avocado and cheese.

5 minutes workout. Before you run into the shower, start your morning with a light 5-minute warm-up: this exercise will not only wake you up, but also give you more energy and cheer you up.

How to become healthier in a week

5 Ways to Get Healthier in a Week © depositphotos.com

Useful snacks. It happens that before dinner it is still far away, and sounds from the stomach make themselves felt. There is nothing to worry about, and eating buns and cookies is not an option. Replace snacks with nuts, granola, fruit or dried fruit – they will saturate your body with useful vitamins and minerals and satisfy your grumbling stomach.

More walks in the air. If work permits, then you can arrange a 10-minute walk every 1 hour. Well, if you have super-serious work, take yourself a walk in the evening after working in the park – at least 30 minutes.

Meditate before going to bed. After a hard and busy day, many cannot fall asleep due to the fact that the brain continues to work actively. Experts recommend at least an hour before bedtime to abandon all gadgets and switch to meditation. A 10-minute meditation will help you disconnect from all activities and get ready for bed. A pleasant bonus for the evening can be a warm bath with aroma oils.

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