6 legendary dresses in the history of the Academy Award
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Oscar is not just the main film award in the world, but also a peculiar vanity fair: actresses compete in choosing the most successful and spectacular outfits, showing trends that will be relevant in evening fashion all year long. Immediately after the winter couture shows in Paris, Hollywood stylists select outfits for Oscar nominees. Therefore, today, most actresses appear at the ceremony in the outfits of leading fashion houses already known to the public. And what was the fragile Audrey Hepburn, the cold beauty Grace Kelly or the temperamental Sophia Loren rising up on stage behind the treasured statuettes? About the legendary dresses of the main world film award – in the review vogue.ua.

Sophia Loren in Rome rejoices at the Oscars, 1962

In those years, the role of stylists and chief designers of famous actresses was assigned to full-time costumers and chief designers of Hollywood film companies – Arnol Skaazi from Fox Pictures, Edith Head from Paramaunt, Helen Rose from Metro Goldwyn Mayer. They sewed luxurious dresses, which then, contrary to popular belief, did not remain with the actresses, but were placed in dressing studios, and later, after decades, they went to auctions.

Grace Kelly and Clark Gable at the ceremony in 1954

Dress Marilyn Monroe at the 23rd Oscar
Like no other, Norma Jeanne knew how and loved to break the rules. Her "Oscar" dress was radically different from all those who chose the actresses in the elegant 50s, with their love for the sophisticated new look style. Marilyn Monroe, who played in more than thirty films and took acting lessons from the legendary Russian actor Mikhail Chekhov, has never been a winner or even an Oscar nominee, but her appearance at the ceremony in 1951 did not go unnoticed. Then the actress handed one of the awards and to enter the stage she chose a magnificent dress from black tulle with a deep neckline. The author of the sexy outfit was one of the 20th Century Fox fashion designers, with whom the actress just signed a contract. Undoubtedly, this was one of the most spectacular necklines that an Oscar has ever seen. On the track itself, an actress famous for her love of furs completed the dress with a white fur cape. On that March evening, the film "All About Eve," one of the roles in which Marilyn played, received six statuettes.

Audrey Hepburn Dress at the 26th Oscar
The refined Audrey Hepburn received her first and only Oscar in fact for the first major role in her life – the film "Roman Vacation" by American director William Wyler. Before that, the actress mainly worked in the theater, thanks to which she became noticeable – in 1951 Broadway blew up the production of "Gigi", where Audrey played the main role, and after that she was invited to the "Roman Vacations". In 1954, at the 26th Academy Awards, the 25-year-old actress appeared in a dress that was the epitome of her famous style – elegant and sophisticated.


The cream-colored lace dress was created by Paramount Studio’s full-time designer Edith Head. The silhouette of the outfit, complemented by a thin belt, successfully emphasized Audrey's extraordinary beauty – narrow, fragile shoulders, a thin waist, and beautiful hands. Lace on the fabric formed large flowers, for which it later received the name "Audrey Floral Dress". True, this outfit became noticeable even before the Oscars – the actress appeared in it in one of the final scenes of "Roman Vacations" – there the dress was complemented by a lace jacket. The author of this symbolic outfit for Hepburn – Edith Head, became famous not less than the actresses she wore. A true Hollywood legend, she received in different years 8 Academy Award for the best costumes for films.

Edith Head and her eight Oscars

For 44 years, Edith was the chief designer of Paramount Studios, managing to create costumes for 50 films a year, dressing the main actresses of the golden era of Hollywood. In the 50s, she began collaborating with rising star Audrey Hepburn, creating costumes for Roman Vacations and Sabrina. Working on outfits for the first film, the designer to some extent created Audrey's style, which later became incredibly popular. Edith, trying to emphasize the non-standard fragility of Hepburn, deliberately departed from the current orientation in Hollywood towards lush-breasted beauties, laying the foundation for new beauty standards. True, the collaboration of Edith Head and Audrey was not long – in 1953, the actress met with the 26-year-old Hubert Givenchy, whose outfits will subsequently be worn for many years, both in the cinema and in everyday life.

Frame from Kratina "Roman Holidays"

Dress created by Edith Head for the movie Roman Holiday

Edith Head


Grace Kelly Dress at the 27th Oscar
In the film "Country Girl", Grace Kelly played a non-standard role for herself, for which she subsequently received her only Oscar. Her heroine Georgie is a cold and harsh woman who looks much older than her years. The transformation of the beautiful Grace into a stern middle-aged woman was highly appreciated by film academics – and in 1955, the actress received the coveted golden statuette. At the award ceremony, the actress appeared in a satin dress in a cold blue hue, which she complemented with high gloves. Grace's dress was very simple by today's standards – a classic silhouette, light drapery on the hips. His strength was in color. Designer Edith Head was not mistaken with a beautiful “icy” shade: the blue color effectively set off the “cold” beauty of the actress, to which she owed her German and Irish roots. To this day, Grace's laconic dress remains one of the most elegant outfits of the Academy Awards.


Elizabeth Taylor Dress at the 33rd Oscars

Christian Dior often repeated that the main task of any of his dresses is to glorify the proportions of the female body. The outfit in which Elizabeth Taylor appeared at the Oscars in 1961 did an excellent job. Then the actress received her first Oscar – in total, Elizabeth will have three of them – for the picture Butterfield, 8, in which she played the elite prostitute Gloria. For the ceremony at which the actress was accompanied by her third husband Edie Fisher (after him, the temperamental actress will have 5 more), the Hollywood star chose a Christian Dior dress from the spring-summer 1961 collection. It was the embodiment of the romantic 60s: the top of the muslin and ivory skirt from the fae emphasized Mrs. Taylor's femininity, and the large roses that embroidered the bottom of the outfit hinted at the passionate character of the actress. High white gloves, scarlet lipstick, effectively shading dark skin, and elegant styling complemented the look.


Each appearance of the actress at the ceremony of the main world film award was bright. So, the second time the actress received an Oscar in 1967 – for her work in the film "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." This time, Elizabeth Taylor, the owner of one of the most expensive and unique jewelry collections in the world, made a bet on jewelry – she chose Bulgari necklace of emeralds and diamonds, presented to her by Richard Burton.

Sophia Loren at the 34th Oscar
Charismatic Italian Sophia Loren is the owner of all possible film awards: Cannes, Berlin, Venice festivals, Golden Globes, and, of course, the Oscars. The first statuette "Oscar" the actress was awarded when she was only 28 years old, and by this time she managed to star in 47 films. The award went to the actress for her role in the unrealistic drama "Chochara" by Vittorio de Sica, where she played the role of a widowed Roman shopkeeper. In April 1962, Sophia Loren was not present at the 34th Oscar ceremony, and she learned about her victory from Audrey Hepburn, who was nominated for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany, in her apartment in Rome. The Oscar triumph of the actress took place a little later, in July 1962, at the official celebration of the actress in Hollywood.

Frame from the movie "Chatting", 1961

This Bulgari necklace was chosen by Sophia Loren for an Oscar party in 1962.

Frame from the movie "Chatting", 1961


For dinner, sexy Sophia Loren, the owner of feminine volumes 96-61-96, chose a black lace dress that perfectly framed her figure. At the neck of the actress sparkled multi-colored necklace Bulgari. Lush bob and branded arrows completed the sexual image of the Italian, who still loves to say that she owes her appearance to bathtubs with olive oil.

Madonna at the 63rd Oscar

The appearance of Madonna at the 63rd Academy Awards in March 1991 turned into a real performance. The pop star was accompanied by no less scandalous than her own partner – Michael Jackson: the day before she announced that she would go to the ceremony only with the most famous musician of that time. In addition, the singer chose a spectacular image – at the ceremony, Madonna, who has the talent for reincarnation, appeared in the image of Marilyn Monroe.


The audience was amazed: a white tight-fitting dress embroidered with sequins, a fur boa, Harry Winston diamond jewelry (rumored to cost about $ 20 million) and platinum curls turned the pop singer into a Hollywood diva of the 50s. This outfit for the singer was invented by designer Bob Maki, a student of the outstanding Edith Head, who ironically called the “Sequin Sultan” for his love of sparkling stones. This vivid image of the Madonna tried on herself for a reason. That evening, she went on stage to perform the song Sooner or Later from the movie "Dick and Tracy", which then received an Oscar as the best song for the film.

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