6 Ways to Protect Your Skin from Dryness in the Cold
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Rules and Techniques for Protecting Your Face from Dryness in the Cold © Getty images

Heat or cold greatly affects the condition of our skin. Weather conditions require quality care and additional means of protecting our skin. And autumn-winter is an important period when you need to help your skin cope with the temperature.

When the temperature becomes minus, we suffer from the cold not only us, but also our skin. The face dries up, and the skin becomes dry and lifeless, but these problems can be avoided if you follow a few important tips that we have prepared for you.

How to protect your skin from dryness in cold weather:

Use products that contain: glycerin, lactic acid, sorbitol, hyaluronic acid. As well as shea butter, jojoba oil and almond oil. In addition, petroleum jelly helps a lot in this situation. These products perfectly moisturize the skin. In addition, do not forget about the moisturizer and milk. The latter should be used after a shower to immediately nourish the skin.

Take a shower in the right conditions. A brush with a natural pile will help cleanse the skin and free pores, which means that the skin condition will significantly improve visually and the skin will become softer. In addition, the water should not be hot, but warm. After a shower it is worth using a lotion.

Forget about alcohol. The fact that it is undesirable to drink alcohol inside – we know, but in the winter it is worthwhile to refrain from antibacterial and other alcohol-containing products, as they terribly dry the skin.

How to protect your skin from dryness in the cold

Rules and Techniques for Protecting Your Face from Dryness in the Cold © Getty images

Throw away the synthetics. Soft and comfortable clothes made of cotton are better than wool in the sense that they will not irritate the skin. And don't forget the gloves! Gloves are required!

Watch your diet. Start eating foods with omega-3 fats slowly. Fish is great, namely salmon and sardines. Also flax seeds, porridge and smoothies.

Exclude some products. If in the fifth paragraph we suggested you eat, then the following foods are best not to eat. Forget about foods that contain fructose, as well as convenience foods. They affect the appearance of unwanted pimples.


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