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This magazine is my personal devnik, exclusively for keeping personal records and accumulating information from the Internet. Access to it is allowed only to those people who share my views on what is happening. Anyone who does not agree with me on a principled approach to life is forbidden to be on the page of my journal. If you fundamentally disagree, but are willing to engage in a constructive dialogue, then you are allowed to stay in my LiveJournal. If you agree with me, if you are interested in my life position, are interested in my work, you know how to lead a discussion – you are a welcome guest in my diary.

The purpose of this diary – the study of such a phenomenon as corporatetocracy. In this diary I record both the historical aspects of the development of the corporatocracy, and the current state. I am interested in the structure and mechanisms of development of a corporatocracy, the resources for development are the human, material, cultural, political and economic, material and spiritual basis of the existence of this phenomenon. In this diary, I reflect the development of corporatocracy on a geographical basis, temporal, from a legal and spiritual point of view.

The starting point for keeping this diary for me was the events in Ukraine since December 2013. Without being politically active, but simply interested in what is happening, I could not give myself an answer and correctly interpret what is happening.

More than a year-long job of finding the driving force and the root causes of what is happening, the subsequent acquaintance with the ideas of world geopolitical figures such as Brzezinski and Dugin, reading the book by John Perkins, etc. led to a certain interpretation, more precisely – my version of what is happening. This goal is to understand and get evidence, to acquaint others with my thoughts, who are ready to perceive them, and this LJ is dedicated.