Alexander McQueen opens rose exhibition
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In London, a “garden” with dresses opened on the top floor of the Alexander McQueen store on Old Bond Street. Brand’s creative director, Sarah Burton, hosted an exhibition called “Roses”, which was based on the main idea of ​​label creator Alexander McQueen: “Everything I do is somehow connected with nature.”

Photo: Tim Beddow

Roses is not a typical museum exhibition. The mission of this exposition is to reveal the technical achievements of the brand and talk about the interaction of the past label with the present, and the connection of nature with the craft. “I want to show how the community is at the core of everything we do at Alexander McQueen,” says Burton. “From the very beginning, when I started working with Lee, and there were only a few people on the team, and he gave everyone practical experience in creating things.”

Alexander McQueen spring-summer 2007

The exposition is built around two dresses: the pompous “Red Rose” with its sculptural curls and the crinoline with the decor of real flowers, made by Lee McQueen with the assistance of Sarah and a group of florists, and filled with real flowers for his collection for the spring-summer 2007 season.

Alexander McQueen fall-winter 2019/2020

Meanwhile, the exhibition presents voluminous dresses that look like fluffy pink carnations, as if cut from English flower beds. There are models with embroidery, and dresses with English roses, camellias, garden flowers and bees unfolds throughout the space.

Alexander McQueen spring-summer 2020

The exhibition also features a video in which Sarah Burton talks about how flower iconography arises in her collections. The video captures the exact memories of each collection: team trips to gardens, historical houses and museums, the choice of fabrics and the creation of embroidery. In addition, a description is provided for each dress presented, which describes the creation of a thing.

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