And I want, and pricks: TOP-7 unusual plastic surgery
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I feel like it, and it pricks: TOP-7 unusual plastic surgeries ©

To be beautiful in the 21st century is not only popular, but also necessary. The abundance of ideal persons from gloss migrated to Instagram, and a sporty and fit figure is no longer considered something to which human willpower and dedication can be praised.

Some are content with a small one – a picture that subscribers see on social networks. We master Photoshop, increase priests using the right angle and filter, increase lips with lipstick, go beyond the contour and masterfully reduce our hands before posting a photo card to the Internet. But the most dissatisfied of us save up money and go to beauticians, plastic surgeons or to the gym nearest to the house.

Plastic surgery of stars (and even mere mortals) is not limited to rhinoplasty (surgery to correct the nose) or removal of lumps by Bish (the effect on adipose tissue, after which the cheeks disappear). If you heard about the removal of ribs to reduce the waist and about the increase in priests artificially (you didn’t hear – google Kardashian or Jenner, there is something to see, these are the best examples of successful work of prestigious surgeons), then you might not know about navel operations.

We have collected TOP-7 unusual plastic surgeries in one selection and are ready to surprise you. We warn you: you may want to do something from the list right now, so we have prepared approximate prices.

TOP 7 unusual plastic surgeries

Shortening toes: prices

Yes, yes, this is not a joke! Those who are not quite happy with long toes are offered to get rid of this small problem surgically. While some women were looking for flaws on the face or figure, others were actively looking for the slightest imperfect places throughout the body.

There are no indications for shortening the fingers, this is an ordinary cosmetic procedure. This difficult pleasure will cost not cheap – one finger will cost from 12 thousand hryvnias.

Those who decide to shorten their fingers will have to walk on crutches for 2 weeks, and you can return to your favorite heeled boats only after 3-4 months. Until complete healing – only orthopedic shoes.

Upper lip lifting: prices

If you thought that lips can only be enlarged, you were mistaken. Reducing the distance between the lip and nose is called lifting the upper lip. This operation will help to achieve the effect of “sharp” corners of the lips, visually enlarge the mouth and correct the asymmetry.

Prices for lifting the upper lip (cheiloplasty) start from 30 thousand hryvnia.

And I want, and pricks: TOP-7 unusual plastic surgery

I feel like it, and it pricks: TOP-7 unusual plastic surgeries ©

Plastic navel (umbilicoplasty): prices

There are still indications for surgical intervention and correction of the navel: if the umbilical cord was cut incorrectly or the shape of the navel changed during pregnancy, then surgeons will be happy to help and correct these aesthetic inconveniences.

You can’t do such an unusual plastic surgery for pregnant women, cancer patients, diabetics, epileptics and hemophilia patients.

Plastic navel in Kiev costs from 20 thousand hryvnia.

Knees lift: how much

They never thought about having to worry about their knees, and then they realized that it was the knees, neck and arms that could tell the woman's real age. In general, a knee lift is a fairly common procedure among American stars. Perhaps that is why Madonna, Demi Moore and Cher can still conquer the whole world with their own feet?

A knee lift is a very unusual plastic surgery, which is not necessary (unless, of course, you are a knee model in advertising gel joints). Such an operation is worth 10 thousand hryvnia.

Earloboplasty: price

Unsuccessful experiments of youth in the form of three holes for earrings or a puncture with a gypsy needle for the tunnel are not terrible at all, because there is a way to fix everything.

This cosmetic procedure will cost 4000 hryvnias.

And I want, and pricks: TOP-7 unusual plastic surgery

I feel like it, and it pricks: TOP-7 unusual plastic surgeries ©

Plastic surgery to change eye color

Believe me, it’s better to buy lenses, because in the USA such operations were simply forbidden. To achieve the desired effect, the patient must be cut through the cornea of ​​the eye, and this is just a nightmare!

We will not give prices; in Ukraine, such operations are also not taken.


That freckles draw, then create dimples. Everything seems to be very confused with this "ideally-imperfect" world. The most dangerous thing is that with age, such dimples can turn into real craters. In general, be careful!

But such an operation costs an average of 8500 hryvnia.

And we recall that cosmetic intervention and beauty injections are much safer than surgery. Look for all the information about lips, skin and the “want more” effect here.


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