Autumn Trends: Bermuda in casual, classic and formal styles
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Autumn Trends: Bermuda in casual, classic and official styles ©

In the program “Ranok z Ukrainyu”, which is released on weekdays at 6:30 on the channel “Ukraine”, the fashion stylist spoke about the trendy shorts of autumn 2019 – how to choose Bermuda and with what to combine them.

At first, such shorts were common only among American scouts, and now among real mods. Bermuda has already chosen for itself the popular world stars, bloggers, and Maria Melnik, leading the "Rank z Ukraine", did not stand aside. The presenter made a successful combination, but not everyone succeeds, because shorts have their own characteristics.

Maria Melnik in Bermuda

Maria Melnik in Bermuda © Press Service of the Ukraine Channel

The main characteristic of Bermuda is cuffs, I especially advise you to pay attention to the fact that they should by no means fit your legs, and vice versa – the stylist Olga Nagornaya explained in the program "Ranok z Ukrainyu".

The stylist advises against wearing a tight fit under Bermuda, because due to the length of the shorts, such a combination can visually add weight. T-shirt or T-shirt must be tucked in – so every girl can emphasize the waist. But this is not the kind of clothing that shoes without heels will fit.

Under these shorts, it is better to choose shoes with heels – no ballet shoes. The only thing you can afford is the sneakers on the platform said the stylist.


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Fall 2019 Trends: Bermuda and T-shirt

Fall 2019 Trends: Bermuda and T-shirt ©

But if you combine this thing with a shirt, you need to take into account one nuance.

We are by no means tucking a shirt into Bermuda – it's in the past! In order to emphasize the waist, it is better to use a belt. At the same time, the shirt should be long enough told Olga Nagornaya.

Bermuda blends well in more classic bows.

Somewhat shorter than knee-deep and without cuffs – that is, Bermudas of a more classic cut. This option of shorts will perfectly combine with a wide sweater, which is better to gird with a strap. And here there is a peculiarity – if it is a short sweater, Olga Nagornaya can also refuel.

Well, an ordinary suit with straight-cut trousers will not surprise anyone. It is better to choose the official options for bows with Bermuda.

Bermudas with an oversized jacket look incredible! At the same time, jackets should be long – you should not choose short, shot jackets – this is not relevant, the longer, the better, even if they will close shorts. If the jacket is too voluminous for you, then it’s better to wear a belt over the stylist.

Autumn 2019 trends: Bermuda with a jacket

Trends in autumn 2019: Bermuda with a jacket ©

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