Baby face: TOP 4 products that improve skin
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Baby face: TOP-4 products that will improve your skin ©

The tone of the face does not always depend on a perfectly matched tonal base or dense powder. Despite the fact that Kim Kardashian is struggling to promote the tonal basis for arms, legs and anything else, we adhere to the idea that it is inappropriate to wear so much makeup in the summer. To burden the natural processes occurring with our face and clog pores is not about caring about the face at all.

But to wear the necessary amount of SPF protection, use night and day face cream and eat right – just about care.

What else can you do if you are going to properly care for your skin?

It is important to remember that the skin cannot be cleansed on its own and be in perfect condition if it is not helped. Be sure to adhere to the following points in order to avoid premature aging and the onset of acne:

Natural masks. Especially those masks that are designed to save the burnt face.

Much water. The skin loves water, and the faces of those who drink the right amount of water look much younger.

Cleansing. Washing with micellar water is sometimes worse than washing with laundry soap. Clean the skin properly and use special gels for washing.

Cream with SPF. You do not want to suffer from pigmentation – wear a cream with SPF-protection constantly.

Correct the diet. You'd be surprised, but skin has a more serious enemy than wine. This dairy products, without which it is difficult to do. Discontinue cappuccino and fatty cheese. You'll see, the skin will be many times better and healthier.

TOP-4 products that improve skin

Let us return to our sheep and look at products that can be poured without fear on the skin of the face.

Grapefruits, oranges, strawberries – everything that has a lot of vitamin C

Baby face: TOP 4 products that improve skin

Baby face: TOP-4 products that will improve your skin ©

We all know this magic word well, which is written on almost every jar of cream or on cloth masks. No, this is not a spell learned at Hogwarts, it is the word "antioxidant."

It is these components that can prevent the destructive effect of free radicals on the cells of living organisms (in other words, slow down the aging process of these cells).

Olive oil

Baby face: TOP 4 products that improve skin

Baby face: TOP-4 products that will improve your skin ©

It has always seemed to us that the Greeks know some secret and carefully hide this secret from us. And then we also began to use olive oil and add it not only to salads, but also to face masks! Oil gives our face vitamin E and has a beneficial effect on the skin.

Cottage cheese

Baby face: TOP 4 products that improve skin

Baby face: TOP-4 products that will improve your skin ©

Do not discard all the options by reading about the ban on dairy products. This is how it turns out: milk is impossible, cottage cheese is necessary! First, cottage cheese is a necessary source of protein. And secondly, it is cottage cheese that improves fat metabolism and contains vaunted vitamin E, which slows down skin aging. Not just rejuvenate, but also lose weight!

Avocado, Spinach, Carrot

Baby face: TOP 4 products that improve skin

Baby face: TOP-4 products that will improve your skin ©

Avocado is not only an excellent substitute for butter. Carrot – not just saves your rapidly fallen eyesight. Spinach is by no means a fictional sailor Super Power Poppy.

In fact, these vegetables are a source of beta-carotene. Thanks to this element, the processes of cellular renewal are launched, and our face as if goes to the spa weekend and does not take us with it.

Eat tasty and healthy food and do not forget that the skin always gives out your favorite snacks and your bad habits.

We also published a list of products that cause acne. What products are we talking about, read here.


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