Beauty injections: why, why and why
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When everyone around not only speaks, but also gives beauty injections, it is difficult to resist the temptation. But before injecting hyaluronic acid, invites you to learn more about it.

What is hyaluronic acid? This is an important substance that has been in the body since your birth. The main functions of hyaluron are regulation of the water balance of tissues and participation in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is because of the deterioration in acid synthesis that your skin becomes drier and small wrinkles appear on it. In order to reverse this process, dermatologists and cosmetologists began to inject hyaluronic acid from the outside into the skin. This procedure helps to retain moisture in the skin layers and stimulates the body to produce its own hyaluron. This makes the skin moisturized, smooth and supple and protects against premature wrinkles.

Wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid

This procedure is most often used for nasolabial folds. In this case, hyaluronic acid acts as a filler and fills wrinkles. Thanks to this, they are smoothed out and the face looks much younger.
In the case of such injections, danger can await you and you need to be careful and make sure that you are injected with a hyaluron, and not Botox. After all, botulinum toxin acts a little differently – it produces a weakening effect on the facial muscles and smoothes them.

Lip hyaluronic acid

With the help of hyaluron, you can increase the volume of the lips. True, this effect will last from three months from six months and you will need to either constantly repeat the procedure, or return to the previous image.

Anesthesia is applied to the lips during beauty injections, but you can still experience pain. It is very important during the procedure to try not to twitch and not make sudden movements, so you can ruin the work of even the most experienced cosmetologist.

The minus of this procedure may be your tireless desire for more and an accommodating cosmetologist. As much as you do not want to immediately become the owner of Jolie's lips, you can not prick for the procedure more than two milliliters of the drug. And the interval between injections should be at least six months.


Microinjection with hyaluronic acid – this is the procedure of biorevitalization. With their help, you can moisturize the skin and stimulate the production of its own acid, collagen and elastin.

Injections are made not only all over the face, but also on the neck, in the decollete and on the hands. Beauticians are still arguing about injections in the eye area.
Note that a few days after the procedure, you will have papules at the injection sites (they are very similar to mosquito bites, – ed.), So plan everything so that it does not interfere with important meetings or relaxation.

Beauty Injections

Beauty Injections ©

Cons of beauty injections

After Botox injections, you can notice the negative consequences – asymmetry of facial expressions, lack of effect, overhanging of the upper eyelids and strong lower ones. The cause of such consequences may be improper administration of the drug or non-compliance with storage rules. Therefore, choosing a beautician, focus not only on a photo of his work, but also certificates on what kind of education he received and what courses he took. Also, the result can upset you if the doctor has not taken into account your age and reaction to Botox. The fact is that representatives of the older age group in some areas should not turn to injections. In these cases, it is better to choose hardware techniques.

Hyaluronic acid injections also have negative consequences. So, after the wrong procedure, you can get inflammation, allergies and a protracted contour of fillers. The reasons may lie in the drug itself. If your body does not give an allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid, then the other components of the filler can cause it. Therefore, be sure to talk to the cosmetologist about this issue. In fact, a professional will ask you about everything himself, but a hack can score this.

The cost of procedures

The cost of beauty injections varies from two thousand per procedure. It all depends on the quantity and quality of the drug and the cost of the work of the master. Pay attention to the fact that in this case you should not try to cheapen. Because the very low price of the procedures can mean either that you are injected with an unlicensed drug, or that injections are done by a lay person.

To make sure, check with the cosmetologist in advance what kind of drug he plans to administer to you and look at the manufacturers' websites for its cost. If it is higher than the one you are planning to enter, then it is worth thinking about changing the specialist.

How to save on beauty injections?

The only option to give injections is cheaper is to make friends with a beautician. Some of them give discounts for regular customers or make concessions and sometimes take money only for the drug. But be careful if an unfamiliar specialist offers you this option.

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