Beauty products for the intimate zone: from gels to highlighter
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Beauty products for the intimate area: from gels to highlighter ©

Are intimate hygiene products not the most popular items in your makeup bag? Shelves in the bathroom do not break from various oils and gels? Do you still think that foundation is much more important than a highlighter for an intimate area? We have bad news for you. It seems you do not follow the latest in the world of beauty products.

We have collected the most important tools for intimate hygiene, which should definitely be in your bathroom and added to the selection some interesting little things that you don’t have to buy, but you definitely want to.

Now another item will be added to the expense item – the cost of beauty products for intimate hygiene.

Beauty products for the intimate zone: from gels to highlighter

Intimate Hygiene Gel

Gynecologists and dermatologists categorically prohibit the use of ordinary shower gels to maintain intimate hygiene. You will be surprised, but the vagina can clean itself, but shower gels can not only cause the multiplication of bacteria, but also cause real problems, like thrush.

If you still pull some kind of remedy “there” – let it be a special gel for intimate hygiene. Choose only pharmacy and certified products, and be sure to consult a gynecologist before use.

Intimate hygiene gels can have different effects:

soothe the skin;
maintain microflora;
have a preventive effect;
reduce the risk of thrush.

Important! You can wash everything with a washcloth and soap, from head to heels, but in no case do not climb these objects into your vagina. So you can avoid injury and the growth of bacteria.

Intimate Hygiene Oil

To maintain acid-base balance can not only gel, but also a special shower oil. Of course, it is strictly forbidden to fill them with the vagina, but it is very possible to apply to the intimate area. Choose a remedy that can be used after depilation, so as not to increase irritation.

We warn: this oil should never be used as a lubricant. Never. Just take a word.

Intimate Hygiene Foam

No, not for shaving, but for hygiene. This means that you can use the most gentle and gentle way to cleanse the intimate area and not worry. A clear advantage of such a beauty product is its economy. What brand of foam for intimate hygiene you would not choose – it will be less expensive than oil or gel.

Naturally, as in the two previous cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor. And do not say that we did not warn.

Lipstick for the intimate area

Nothing to do with makeup, which is full of bright colors and a variety of textures. Lipstick-balm will make the skin in the intimate area much softer, silky and more elastic. An ordinary baby cream will not be able to cope with this difficult task, but a special lipstick will definitely impress you with its quality.

It is important to understand that lipstick for the intimate zone is also a difficult tool. That is why we advise taking it to a dermatologist before use.

Highlight for intimate area

We already told you that not only the original and your eyes can shine during sex, but also the vagina! Just imagine, with the help of a beauty product for the intimate zone, you can flicker the skin in causal places. We recommend using a highlighter for a vagina in special cases, for one-time sex it is too fanciful.

Cream for brightening the bikini area

An expensive salon procedure can be replaced with an ordinary remedy that you will find in any pharmacy. If you do not like the fact that the color of the skin in the intimate area is different from others. plots – try this magic tool.

Do not try to use these funds for other purposes, and once again read that a consultation with a doctor or dermatologist is more than necessary.

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