Black Friday: interesting facts and life hacks, how not to spend all the money on purchases
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So the day of Black Friday came: the day of general madness and huge discounts. This day is celebrated annually on the last Friday of November, the day after Thanksgiving. Few people know, but initially Black Friday was not about discounts at all.

This term was first used on September 24, 1869 in America. Then Wall Street financiers James Fisk and Jay Gold tried to monopolize the gold market. However, the government intervened and filled the market with gold and many investors lost their fortunes. It was a stock market crash.

In the 1950s, the term Black Friday was used by Philadelphia police to describe the chaos that occurred in the city after Thanksgiving on Thursday and before the football game on Saturday. Friday was a tough day of excess tourists and thieves.

In the 1980s, retailers found a way to turn Black Friday into a positive event. They turned it into a holiday shopping start day, and a huge profit day. As Black Friday grew in popularity, stores began to open their doors at midnight or in the early hours of Friday, and people began to set up camps at stores and looked forward to opening them.

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Some states announced Friday after Thanksgiving a public holiday. For many years, Canadian retailers have been worried that shoppers are heading to the United States and spending their money there. Then the tradition began to spread throughout the world.

No matter how big the discounts attracted Black Friday, the highest profit growth is observed on the first day before Christmas. But for plumbers, Friday after Thanksgiving is considered the busiest day of the year. This writes CNN. The thing is that people get rid of the remnants of the festive table, washing away products in sinks or a toilet bowl.

In 2011, Walmart broke the tradition of Black Friday and opened its doors on Thanksgiving evening. Since then, stores have staged a race against time.

According to the coupon website RetailMeNot, 12% of all customers are intoxicated that day. This is evidenced by surveys conducted by the company.

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To make wise use of discounts on Black Friday and not to spend all the money in the world, we advise you to follow a few rules:

Make a shopping list. Going shopping blindly is the worst possible idea. Without a specific list of the things you really need, you’ll spend a lot more money, and there’s a chance not to get really needed things.
Compare prices. Do not settle for the first discount offer. Use price comparison mechanisms, or before you make a purchase, look at the cost of goods from other retailers.
Use cashback. Some stores offer additional cashback when paying with a card of a particular bank. This is your opportunity to save even more.
Start shopping early. In fact, most stores offer discounts before Black Friday. Use this time to find the goods you need, otherwise they can be bought later.
Use social networks. Discounts and promotions of your favorite manufacturers can be tracked on their pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It is convenient and, as a rule, there they are updated most quickly.

Spend a reasonable and successful shopping!

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