Brightness to the maximum: the idea of ​​makeup from a model with vitiligo Winnie Harlow
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Winnie Harlow – one of the most striking models of the last decade. The girl is constantly shocking, admiring and never ceases to amaze fans with more and more unexpected collaborations with world famous designers. Harlow is not stopped by generally accepted concepts of beauty, nor by someone else's criticism, which means we all have something to learn from this girl.

Recently, a photo appeared on Vinnie Harlow's Instagram, on which everything is fine: the image of the model, the location, her makeup and even her hair.

The picture was taken in the most populous part of New York – Brooklyn. The model lifted a T-shirt without hesitation and showed us her entire image right down to her underwear. But we were attracted not by lace, and not even perfect jeans and afro-braids with small shells.

Winnie Harlow is a model with an unusual Vitiligo disease due to which age spots appear on her body. Despite the fact that the model’s skin itself attracts a lot of attention, this does not prevent her from using the most striking and unusual makeup. The model decided. to show creativity and not only that I put on my own, but also completed the makeup with aggressive red color.

Such a make-up is not suitable for every girl, but if you have dark eyes, then to be afraid of contrasts is simply silly. Feel free to use red, scarlet or coral for mono makeup and get ready to collect likes. How much is that summer left?

P.S. T-shirt is not necessary to lift 🙂

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Don’t run from me frienddddd 🥰😜💋 (makeup by me 💄)

A post shared by ♔Jamaican Canadian♔ (@winnieharlow) on Aug 19, 2019 at 8:47 am PDT

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