Cartier presented a new collection of high jewelry Magnitude
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The new Cartier collection continues to experiment with non-trivial combinations of materials. At the beginning of the 20th century, white platinum and diamonds invented by them were viewed as a revolution, as was the combination of ornamental corals with precious emeralds and diamonds. Today, white jewelry is a classic dress dress code, and combinations of green and red are a symbol of Art Deco jewelry. The love of experimentation never left the walls of Cartier.

In the new Magnitude collection, precious stones are used as a frame for jewelry or crafts, highlighting the beauty of minerals, in which the jewelry world of the Vendome Square brands is not used to peering. In the center of the necklace Aphélie is a cabochon-cut rutilated quartz. It beams like the Sun King: it is surrounded by arrows from morganite, diamonds, corals and onyx, which continue to pattern the inclusions of the crystal. The lapis-lapis lazuli beads in the Équinoxe necklace are the basis of the composition: it is as if they were fastened by a jewelery sheet of yellow, orange and white diamonds and a 15.5-carat Ceylon sapphire. The size of sapphire is not inferior to lapis lazuli beads: so the opaque opaque bright blue stone seems to be equal to the precious. In the Zemia bracelet, Cartier wizard went even further. The cabochon 77.27 carat central cut opal was polished along with the remains of the rock in which the stone was formed. It is surrounded by blue and purple sapphires, purple garnets, which emphasize the play of color inside the translucent mineral.

“All define stones. We tailor the design for them, ”said Pierre Reinero, director for style and heritage of the House of Cartier, at the presentation of the collection, which was organized in London – the city with which the brand has a long history of friendship with the English kings.

Stone worship is reflected in the name of the collection. Magnitude in astrology is the shining of stars, noticeable to the human eye; in geology, the intensity of plateau movements, due to the collisions of which future precious minerals are born. Cosmic motifs appeared in the collection along with the name. Ornaments beat the twinkling of the Milky Way or the parade of planets. For example, in the Aurore Boreale (“Northern Lights”) necklace, the effect of all shades of blue is achieved not only through the use of large opals in combination with emerald. Rather, thanks to the inlaid lapis lazurite inlay workshop of the side faces of the vertical plates from which the volumetric decoration was assembled. Dot inlays with diamonds enhance the play of colors.


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