Celebrities with the most shocking wardrobe
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Fashion and show business are two industries that always go hand in hand. And despite the fact that most often they learn about brands due to the fact that they are worn by stars, in history there are many cases when it was outfits that made their owners famous. In this material we recall some of them.

Billy Porter

In February 2019, Billy Porter, the star of Broadway and the TV series Pose, went to the Oscars in a black velvet tuxedo dress. Since then, he continues to amaze with his unusual outfits. The main thing in the actor’s style is that he frees himself from gender expectations and causes a discussion about what this means for the rest.


He managed to do it thanks to the stylist Porter Sam, who carefully selects all the images for his client. For example, in four days of London Fashion Week, Billy Porter, thanks to this guy, changed 20 images, becoming the main star of the event. More information about the images of the actor in the British capital can be found here.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion has always been a fashionable chameleon. From her breakthrough in the 1990s to the last couture Fashion Week in Paris, the singer was never afraid of bold, risky outfits, many of which are ahead of their time. The Canadian singer has demonstrated that she can handle any color or silhouette.


For example, this summer a real flurry of discussions caused her appearance in asymmetric jeans of the Ukrainian brand KSENIASCHNAIDER. Also, Dion is not afraid to make fun of herself – to recall at least her appearance in the Vetements hoodie with the image from the movie "Titanic".

Elton John

From the rhinestone-strewn Los Angeles Dodgers uniform created by Bob Mackie, the eminent costume designer, to all the colorful, feathered hats and his eyewear collection, Elton John's extravagant outfits are as widely known as his music. The ensembles of the musician for many years remain as bright as his career. Even decades later, they penetrate the minds of the younger generation. Just look at the Gucci spring-summer 2018 collection, which was inspired by the archives of the rock legend.


Lady Gaga

Unlike most celebrities, who gradually make their style more defiant, Lady Gaga was ready to attract attention from the very beginning. For many years, the singer regarded her appearance as a continuation of art, never being afraid to go beyond or make many think what exactly inspired her to a certain ensemble. Everyone still can’t forget about her iconic meat dress, and honestly, they’ll probably never forget. After that, she shocked fans even more when she chose more elegant and classic outfits, promoting her acting projects.


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus knows how to use her wardrobe to be heard. The pop star has been the focus of much of his life. But over the past years, the singer went through many transformations and became famous thanks to her outfits that look like nothing else. With her avant-garde ensembles, she is certainly not afraid to express herself and her opinion through clothes: whether it is a protest against outdated social norms or support for the feminist movement or the LGBT community, or just an outfit for a speech.


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