“Checkmark, you won’t believe”: everything you wanted to know about scrubs, but forgot to ask
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Facial scrub, body scrub, lip scrub. There are so many of these pleasantly smelling jars and tubes that you can get confused very easily. Can I use it in the summer, with what frequency can I use it, does it have any pitfalls? tochka.net decided to figure out and answer the most popular questions about scrubs.

Can i use face scrub?

The opinions of dermatologists on this subject were divided. But no one gives a definitive answer. In the case of scrubs, one must take into account that the remedy must be correctly selected. The scrub should match your skin type and condition.

You need to use a scrub also wisely and do not overdo it with frequency. It is better to consult a cosmetologist and find out how often you can exfoliate your skin.

Experts warn that frequent and incorrect use of scrub can lead to the fact that the integrity of your skin is damaged. This can cause sensitization or skin irritation.


Scrub © depositphotos.com

Can I use body scrubs?

In the event that it seems to you that your skin has become coarser, and in summer the tan lies on the body with uneven spots, a scrub will come to the rescue. This tool is not contraindicated, but in order not to harm itself, you need to follow a number of rules.

Body scrub – separately, face scrub – separately. No matter how it seems to you that the skin is the same everywhere, you are mistaken.
It is better to do scrubbing in the evening, after a hot shower or half an hour in the bath. So you steam up the skin and achieve a greater effect.
It is best to apply a scrub with a sponge. At the same time, try to make soft and careful movements.
Be sure to moisturize your skin after the procedure.

At the same time, remember that rubbing the skin with a scrub in places of damage is strictly prohibited. It is also better to refuse a scrub if you have acne – you run the risk of spreading bacteria throughout your body.

Is it possible to use scrubs every day?

In this matter, it all depends on your skin type. But to wipe the skin every day is not worth it anyway. After all, the principle of the scrub is that it removes dead particles. With daily use, you risk simply damaging your skin.

Is it possible to use a scrub in the summer?

Summer scrub is a moot point. On the one hand, it will help to achieve an even tan, on the other hand, skin in heat is already subject to negative influences. In order not to harm, try to follow the rules:

take a break. If you have dry skin, then use scrubs no more than once every two to three weeks, and if it is oily, then withstand a ten-day break between treatments. By the way, do not forget that the scrub activates the activity of the sebaceous glands.
experiment. Yes, just experiment and make scrubs yourself, trying to find a composition with smaller particles. Well, or buy a suitable one.
Can i use scrub during pregnancy?

Can! Scrub promotes rapid tissue exchange and exfoliates the skin, this helps in the fight against stretch marks. Pregnant women are best served with a coffee scrub. By the way, it can be done independently by grinding coffee beans in a coffee grinder. Then mix the grains with a spoon of sour cream or olive oil and the scrub is ready! The main thing to remember is to use a moisturizer or essential oil after the procedure.

By the way, coffee scrubs can also save from age spots that appear in some women in the second half of pregnancy.

Can I use scrubs if my skin has acne?

If you have problem skin with acne, on which inflamed pimples appear, then you should categorically refuse a scrub. It can only make it worse – abrasive particles will damage inflammation and spread microbes and pimple contents all over the face. This will only contribute to the appearance of new rashes.

Pitfalls of scrubs

Often on packages of scrubs there is a warning that the product is not suitable for owners of sensitive skin. In fact, everything is a little more serious and the frequent use of this tool can harm any skin. For example, it can make oily skin even more oily. And regular use of scrub can harm people with any type of skin, because the product contains abrasive particles (crushed apricot, grape, raspberry seeds, coffee beans, etc.) and affects the skin mechanically.

Many cosmetologists advise using scrubs situationally, and not on an ongoing basis, so you will get the effect you need with less damage to the skin.

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