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Sailing sport is gaining popularity in
world, and, except for match and team racing, it is planned to include some
the direction of yachting in the Olympic program. This is due to the weak
the dependence of sports results from the physical data, to the extent that in
cruising race men and women participate on an equal basis. Now available
many types of yachts available for various competitions, although to include all
produced models to a common classification is almost impossible.
Principal yacht for competition

However, considering the many types of yacht it is possible to allocate
several groups the most used ones:

  • cruising
    – to have increased household comfort, as well as massive and strong
    design, so are suitable for long voyages in the open sea with
    considerable distance from the base;
  • racing –
    very light, and not strong enough, and also virtually no household
    convenience as their main purpose is the participation in sailing races
    small distances;
  • cruising racing
    used at medium ranges, and include some
    navigation and navigation equipment;
  • keel –
    very stable yacht designed for sailing on the deep lakes and seas
    with a strong tide and winds;
  • shortberry –
    less stable relative to the keel boats, so cruising is not racing
    permitted, but with skillful management they are able to disperse large
    speed and sail in heavy sea conditions;
  • compromises
    – the technical characteristics take a secondary position relative to
    keel boats and smartbrew, combining the advantages of both types.

The distinctive features of catamarans and trimarans

In a separate category include Multihull yachts,
alia catamarans and trimarans, with a 2 and 3 buildings respectively.
Due to lower resistance, catamarans develop even greater speeds,
than high-speed racing shortberry. However, they are enough
resistant, and therefore suitable for making long ocean voyages
at speeds of 10-15 knots. This led to large-scale development of catamarans, as
“sport” boats.

Meanwhile, the trimaran is now much lost its
popular. Although they won prizes in many Grand
cruising races, in terms of safety they have shown themselves not the best way.
Despite the initial increased resistance, trimarans poorly managed, and
strong winds have a powerful shock wave that can turn
the ship. In terms of “exciting” sea quite often there were situations when
exceeded Bank angles, whereby to return the yacht “even-keel” was already
impossible. Now also available in other types of Multihull yacht, but due to
of the plurality of structural features, before manage
must undergo special training.

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