Cold accidentally appear: how to protect the skin from temperature changes
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The best ways to protect your skin from temperature drops © Getty images

You must be prepared for the fact that in spring the weather will change with the speed of light. If today the temperature is below zero, then tomorrow it may please us with a “+”. And if our body can adapt to such changes, then the skin of the face is not. Temperature changes are bad for the skin, and especially if it is sensitive.

When the temperature drops sharply, the skin of the face begins to redden and irritate, the number of vascular networks on the face increases, and those that already exist become more noticeable, and dry areas appear to this all. All the charms immediately on the face. But how to protect the skin from such sudden changes in temperature?

Wash with warm water. In the morning, be sure to wash only with warm water at room temperature. Strongly cold or hot water acts aggressively on already damaged skin. Also use for the face sparing soapless products, they will refresh and give the skin a healthy look.

Apply moisturizer for the face. For sudden temperature changes, choose a face skin cream that is saturated with vitamins A, E, and F — these are the substances that care for the lipid mantle of the skin. It is important not to choose a cream that is oily in structure and contains alcohol in its composition.

Skin care in cold

The best ways to protect your skin from temperature drops © Getty images

Use a light tone base. And also give up dry textures in favor of cream or emulsion foundation creams. For this, BB or CC creams are perfect, or a face-size cushion format.

Make nourishing face masks. For this perfect mask on an oil basis in the form of olive, coconut or almond oil. For the best effect, apply oil on the face skin in a circular motion, as if doing an even light massage. Thus, the oil is absorbed faster, and the skin on the face will look better.

Feed your face at night. According to cosmetologists, at night, the skin of the face recover faster after daytime stresses. Therefore, before going to bed, it is necessary to apply nourishing and regenerating face masks, oils, and nightly products, which will enhance the effectiveness of the usual care products from your beauty routine. Pay attention to the ANA-acid, because they perform the function of a gentle peeling, removing the cornified layer from the skin surface.


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