Comb by hair type: which one is right for you?
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The condition of our hair partly depends not only on nutrition and care, but also on the choice of combs. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that many are interested in the answer to the question: how to choose the right comb?

To choose the right comb, experts recommend paying attention to the type of hair. The comb should be perfect for your hair type and structure.

Comb for thin hair. If you have naturally thin, sparse hair, besides there is no volume at the roots, then your option is a massage comb from any natural bristle. This comb does not pull out the hair, improves the blood flow of the bulbs and prevents the loss of thin hair.


Hair Comb ©

A comb for curly hair. For owners of very curly hair, a comb with lobed teeth in two or three rows is suitable. This model combs well untangles the plaits on the hair, does not break them and makes them softer.

Comb for thick hair. If you have thick, long and straight hair, then take a look at a flat comb with natural bristles. Well, if you are the owner of very thick hair, then we recommend trying a brush with mixed bristles of different lengths.

Comb for normal hair. For owners of a normal type of hair of medium density, experts recommend paying attention to massage brushes with nylon bristles.

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