Complete Freedom: H&M Studio Spring-Summer 2020 Collection
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The Swedish retailer H&M introduced the new spring-summer collection of H&M Studio, filled with the spirit of freedom and self-expression. It is inspired by the lunar landscape and laid-back surf culture of the Swedish island of Gotland, thanks to which a rich color palette, transitioning from bright pink to cobalt blue, meets with completely different moods from air dresses and light suits to large-knit and frankly sporty things .

“A study trip to the Swedish island of Gotland, where the landscape resembles a moon surface, gave us ideas for textures and a color palette. The prints are inspired by the rocky formations of the island, which turned into unique sculptural forms. I wanted the prints to be nontrivial, so we applied an electric color palette, ”says Moa Bartling, a print designer for H&M.

Such an eclectic set of clothes gives complete freedom of expression and helps the creative person to find their individual style – someone will like relaxed a la pajama sets in pastel colors, someone will discover a passion for contemporary art along with bright flashes of color, and someone will just wants to dissolve in the surrounding nature and fly away in the wind with wide shirts and dresses.


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