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Like in summer, in winter, our hair requires carefully selected care. And, sometimes, after reading the first three lines of hair care, the girls immediately begin to try to do something, but do it not according to the rules. Later it turns out that the hair began to look even worse than it was. What is the problem?

The editors of tochka.net decided to tell you about the most common mistakes that girls make during hair care in the winter. Read and do not repeat these mistakes in the future!

Do not put on a hat. Winter is the coldest season, which means that you need to protect your hair from frost and wind. And the first thing to do always when you go out is to put on a hat. If you refuse a hat, wait for hair loss, brittleness and, of course, loss of shine of curls soon.

You go out with wet hair. Ban – even on wet hair. Not fully dried curls can literally freeze. Wet hair in the cold will soon become brittle and begin to split.

Wash your head with hot water. The head quickly becomes oily, and the curls become dull and lifeless? Perhaps you wash your head in hot water, and high temperature provokes hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands, so your hair looks unhealthy.

Use only shampoo. And why do you think your hair is so stiff, not smooth, and not shiny? And all because you do not use moisturizing balms and hair conditioners, which are so necessary in winter in hair care. These products make combing easier, hair gain a beautiful shine, do not lose moisture and nutrients, and look healthy and well-groomed.

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