Editorial test: oxygen masks and skin food for perfect skin
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SANMARINE OXYGEN MASK – oxygen mask with match and chocolate © Oleg Batrak, tochka.net

Every year, choosing a good facial care cosmetics is becoming increasingly difficult. More and more new things appear on the market, the names of which alone unsettle us. We are just used to distinguishing between tissue and hydrogel patches, as cosmetologists immediately offer us homemade fruit peels (and no, this is not about masks of kiwi or oranges at home), skin food and oxygen masks.

If before fruit peelings we strongly recommend going to your favorite beautician, then tochka.net will help you with skin food and oxygen masks. We selected three products from SANMARINE, tested them for a month and (carefully, spoiler!) Fell in love.

We talk about how your skin will learn to talk and its first word will be "thank you."

SANMARINE CHOCO OXYGEN MASK - Oxygen mask with chocolate

SANMARINE CHOCO OXYGEN MASK – Oxygen mask with chocolate © Oleg Batrak, tochka.net

SANMARINE Oxygen Masks: sharing experience

Oxygen masks are my first real discovery this summer. It is at this time of year that our face suffers the most. The skin in the summer should rest and moisturize as much as possible, and not be nourished by the sun until the appearance of age spots and suffer under a layer of cosmetics that can be used to patch holes on the Kiev-Odessa highway.

In general, any skin after a summer of mockery, provocation and torture with powders, concealers, tonal bases and bases for make-up, just needs only one thing – oxygen.

In order not to be scared and come up with the strangest scenarios in which the skin is fed with oxygen, we tell you: good scientists have already come up with a mask that can handle much better than the air that blows your face for free (if there are more than two flowerpots with plants at home). In addition, the mask is much more noticeable in effectiveness.

SANMARINE MATCHA OXYGEN MASK - Oxygen mask from the match

SANMARINE MATCHA OXYGEN MASK – Oxygen mask from the match © Oleg Batrak, tochka.net

How it works?

Due to the mineral polymer, which acts as a transdermal oxygen carrier, tissue respiration is restored in the skin. This is if you explain in complex words. But we are not interested in textbooks on chemistry and the periodic table, but on the real result, are we?

How does an oxygen mask affect facial skin?

After regular application (1-2 times a week for a month), the first qualitative changes are already noticeable: the skin becomes smooth and supple, and the complexion is more even.

Advantage: the mask can be applied to relieve redness and to rehabilitate damaged skin (after cleaning, for example). After a visit to the beautician, you can make an oxygen mask that will help soothe the skin.

I could talk about the effect of smoothing wrinkles, but I won’t invent it, because I didn’t have wrinkles before. One thing is for sure – the quality of the skin really got better.

How to apply an oxygen mask from SANMARINE?

The mask has a creamy texture, which allows you to apply a thin layer and not waste the excess product. Distribute a uniform layer of cream mask on the face and neck (except for the eyes, as with any other mask) and leave for 10-15 minutes. After the mask changes color to white and begins to foam (you will feel small tingling, it can also tickle from the foam), you need to do a small massage to the skin and rinse the mask off with warm water. The final chord is a moisturizer in the summer or nourishing the skin in the winter.

In general, the mask really has a good effect on the skin, leaves a pleasant feeling after use and does not overload the skin. It is washed off easily and does not bring discomfort when using.

SANMARINE OXYGEN MASK - oxygen mask with matcha and chocolate

SANMARINE OXYGEN MASK – oxygen mask with match and chocolate © Oleg Batrak, tochka.net

The editors recommend

SANMARINE chocolate oxygen mask – the pleasant smell of chocolate will not leave you indifferent.

SANMARINE Match Oxygen Mask – Soothing effect for the skin is enhanced by green tea in the mask.

But our discoveries did not end there, and we decided to test another wonderful little thing from the world of makeup products – skin food.

Skin food: what is it and why is it not necessary to eat


SANMARINE BLACK OYSTER CREAM – Oyster Night Cream © Oleg Batrak, tochka.net

Skin food is a nutritional line of cosmetics from SANMARINE. All products from this line have a secret ingredient in their composition, which allows you to keep your skin healthy, youthful and elastic for as long as possible – this is an oyster extract.

Despite the fact that the package says "skin food", it is not worth using cosmetics orally. But to apply to the skin – how else!

In her hands is a pack of night cream with oyster extract, which can change the idea of ​​makeup products. Why?

It's simple: a night cream with oyster extract is not just called skin food, but it is. In small stars, the necessary monodose of the product is hidden with shea butter, corn and sesame oils and rice bran wax. It’s hard to imagine why the Facetune effect is created on the skin, but the skin instantly becomes soft, silky and supple.

Pleasant smell, instant effect and ease of use (you don’t need to drag a whole jar on a business trip or trip, just drop a few stars into the makeup bag) – these are the three whales on which all makeup products should be based.

Who should use SANMARINE oyster extract night cream?

The cream is designed for owners of dry and prone to dry skin, as well as for those whose skin is dehydrated or has lost elasticity.


SANMARINE BLACK OYSTER CREAM – Oyster Night Cream © Oleg Batrak, tochka.net

My dry skin needed to be rescued immediately, and a night cream with oyster extract did this before it was absorbed into the skin. The effect of the use is instant, and there are as many as 60 stars in the package (read as "two months of perfect skin").

You can use the cream every day. And don’t say that we didn’t warn by saying that you would fall in love.

We also wrote about how to protect your skin from dryness in the cold.


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