Favorite city: new advertising campaign BEVZA
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Ukrainian brand BEVZA presented the advertising campaign of the collection autumn-winter 2019/2020. The starting point for the creation of the collection was the story of a beloved Kiev – a city that evokes warm associations associated with the designer’s childhood and a place where she still draws inspiration.

BEVZA autumn-winter 2019/2020

For filming, the creative team chose two key locations: a field with poppies near Kiev and a library named after. Vernadsky – one of the most striking legacies of Soviet modernism. Models Nadya Shapoval and Anna Shutu demonstrated minimalistic trouser kits, jackets with an emphasized shoulder line and laconic overalls, posing among red poppy fields.

BEVZA autumn-winter 2019/2020

BEVZA autumn-winter 2019/2020

BEVZA autumn-winter 2019/2020

Meanwhile, photographer Stefan Lisovsky in the library to them. Vernadsky frames were made in loose trousers, perfectly-tailored coats and branded snow-white dresses of the brand. Jackets and mini-dresses with the author's photo print became a key element of the new collection. Svetlana Bevza made these photos on the phone herself while walking through the botanical garden.


Stylist and model: Nadiia Shapoval @nadiiashapoval

Photographer: Stephan Lisowski @stephanlisowski

Model: Anna Shoot @ anna.shoot

Hairstyle: Max Nago @ max_nago

Makeup: Olga Ostapchuk @olhaostapchuk

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