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The first yacht Enata Marine, shook the visitors of the international boat show 2018 in Dubai, ready to appear before the public on the Cote d’azur.

Foiler flying boat, which, thanks to its revolutionary appeal and futuristic design, will have a permanent berth at the yacht club de Monaco and Saint-Tropez. It is reported that from July 2018 it will also be available for testing on the water, although the details of the logistics have not been disclosed.

Providing a smooth and thrilling ride for eight passengers Foiler with a length of 9.45 meters offers comfortable and high-performance driving for those who are at the helm.

Underwater carbon fiber wings that can be removed, turning Foiler in a conventional yacht, to help her “fly” at a height of 1.5 meters above the water. Technology “foaming” has long been used in the production of sailing boats and kite surfing, but Enata made the first boat of the hydrofoil.

The Foiler begins with a speed of 12 knots at half-sunk condition lasts for 17 knots, when the yacht is fully out of the water, and reaches 40 knots in “flight mode”. This novelty, according to representatives of the Marine Enata, incredibly easy to use.

“We’re a family of sailors and kitesurfers, who began to practice with catamarans and kites since I was 10. And we are fully aware of what we are doing — says the Manager Enata Alois Viot. — It was a very natural step for Enata. We produce drones, racing sailing boats and boards for kite surfing. So Foiler is a mixture of all the technologies that we used earlier.

To begin this project, we combined our research and development with the knowledge and skills of specialists of Swiss company Hydros, which produced a working prototype Foiler in 2015. This boat is the result of a long process, the results of which we present an outstanding product.”

Thanks to underwater wings, the yacht is over the ocean and are not affected by waves, so that a fully sustainable even in bad weather. And since she never jumps, it becomes much safer than conventional yachts.

Foiler has significant advantages when it comes to caring for the environment.

The first is the fuel consumption. Due to the fact that the boat raised above water, the resistance is much less, and therefore the yacht needs to use less fuel to move.

Also Foiler uses a hybrid propulsion system: two diesel engines feed off a larger battery, which then feeds electric propellers. All this together makes the yacht more economical than the counterparts (although, in fairness, unique in the market it is now not).

The second major advantage of the Foiler is the elimination of the trace. Due to the fact that it does not move as much water, it doesn’t bother anyone around and has less impact on the environment.

Finally, due to the fact that the yacht’s hybrid system, and it is above water, it creates very little noise.

“The best word to describe Foiler — calm — continues Alois Viot. — It’s like a flying carpet over the ocean. Which, by the way, and even eliminates motion sickness. Return to a normal boat after her would be like a journey to the past”.

Photos/video credits: Guillaume Plisson.

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