For two: the new Lutiki collection
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The Ukrainian label Lutiki calls itself a brand series, and its new series is an ironic and prosaic love story called Koitus. Designer Sonya Soltes decided to present the collection in different formats.

The new line includes unisex large-square shirts, which in the women's wardrobe have a sentimental charge of “boyfriend things”, and a quilted white blanket of the optimal size to wrap together or alone. Such a laconic set is a quotation of the bed scene in Godard's film "In the Last Breath."
The quilt is decorated with monochrome embroidery with a chain stitch. The inscriptions Lutiki and Koitus are located along the lines of the crossword puzzle. The red letter “O” stands out with a festive accent, which fastens the stressed vowel to the name of the brand’s creator and the name of the new series. Shirts exist in a single or maximum paired copy. For high-quality wool Soltes arranges raids on textile drains, so they will repeat the universal model, but not the colors. They are sewn from solid wool with sartorial bias: the shelves and seams are fixed with linings and trims of fine wool.

The new Lutiki episode includes decorations. The snake bracelets presented in the previous Eclipse series have now come to life and have gained color: the golden spring of the bracelets is wrapped around scarlet cords, enamel dots on tone are painted on the head of the reptiles. New clips with red and black enamel marks are supplemented with pendants: the words Lutiki and Koitus or the symbols of Mars and Venus, as well as the "transgender" monogram, which combines female and male signs. Earrings can be worn individually, in different pairs, on a lobe or auricle. Can be attached to a massive chain on a carabiner. The chain appeared in response to requests for Lutiki men's jewelry, but, like all things in the new capsule, it can easily migrate to the neck of the second partner.

The Koitus clothing line is complemented by media content. In addition to photographs, there is also a short meter with participants in the creative association of Apache Crew dancers, familiar to the Ukrainian audience from the clips of Jamala and Monatik, and now are actively touring the world. The performance of dancers Dani Zubkov and Anastasia Kharchenko (the latter starred in an ad campaign for the new spring collection Adidas x Stella McCartney) is an improvisation on the topic of intimacy.

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