Foundation for a year: what is this beauty trend and is it worth dreaming to try it
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Foundation for a year: what is this beauty trend and is it worth dreaming to try it ©

Facial cleansing and cosmetologist subscriptions for the entire non-sunny season are gaining more and more popularity. One of the things that many girls are now actively using is peeling. But despite the fact that peeling is far from being praised by all, and injections are generally not recommended for many girls, cosmetology is progressing.

Now, an unusual procedure for whitening and treating the face is gaining momentum – BB Glow. We decided to find out why BB Glow is called foundation for a year and to understand who can do such procedures.

BB Glow: who is the procedure for?

BB Glow is one of the few ways to heal your skin. At least, that's exactly what those who invented this procedure say.

As follows from the characteristics of the procedure, it is suitable for everyone who does not want to bathe and paint again. The long-term effect really interests us all.

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BB Glow is an intensive semi-permanent skin treatment. The facial involves microneedling a pigmented vitamin serum into your skin. Each treatment will increase the density of the pigment in your skin, therefore creating more coverage. The result is a brightening and balancing skin tone, and overall a radiant complexion. This fantastic treatment is very safe and does not go deep into the skin. The BB serums are free of parabens, fragrances, and alcohol. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter au 📞 078 402 63 15 pour plus d'informations #boutique #barbershop #massage #soinvisage # barber💈 #barbershopconnect #barberlove #barberflow #flowers #wahl #stayve #microneedling #montreux # 1820 #suisse coréen #korean #koreanstyle #epilation #maquillagem #eyebrowsonfleek #bbglow

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BB Glow: roster

BB Glow Serum is positioned as a safe minimally invasive procedure. Serum contains hyaluronic acid, a vitamin complex and titanium dioxide, which "work" in the layers of the epidermis throughout the year

Foundation for a year: how is the procedure

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to clean the skin. For this, sometimes a surface chemical peeling is required, which will remove the protective layer of the skin, "work out" the pores and update the upper layer of the epidermis.

After peeling, a special whitening serum is applied to the face with derpamen (a meso-injector for microneedle lifting). This means that the so-called "foundation" will be injected under the skin with the help of small, thin needles.

Unprotected skin cannot be treated with a device that can cause mechanical damage. This is a very important point.

The consequences of the procedure with BB Glow serum

Titanium dioxide, which penetrates the epidermis, can cause photoaging (wrinkles in the sun) and irritate the skin, causing undesirable effects.

To do or not to do?

Any new cosmetic procedures should be “tested” for several months and get enough good reviews from different cosmetologists and their clients. To do any procedure without fully familiarizing yourself with the drug and without understanding the consequences is not safe and illogical.

We advise you to focus on nutrition and get rid of bad habits, and also do not forget about the importance of skin care with care cosmetics. Then there will be no problems with the skin, and the consequences of cosmetic procedures will not be nightmare.

Nightmare more than the devil lips, which have become the most impetuous trend of recent years, can no longer. But we have not yet fully studied the serum.


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