Get everything done: everyday makeup in 5 minutes
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Get it all done: everyday make-up in 5 minutes ©

Everyday makeup, as a rule, does not present huge difficulties for those girls who are accustomed to apply certain cosmetics every day. On autopilot, you can make up eyebrows in just 2 minutes, the correct sponge for applying a tonal foundation will help to evenly distribute the product over the entire face in just half a minute, and if your eyelashes are tinted, if you choose the perfect mascara brush.

In general, everyday makeup really rarely gives us great inconvenience. Habitual actions are brought to automatism and everything turns out very deftly and quickly. But is it right that we are applying everyday makeup? How to win an extra half hour of sleep and learn how to do everyday makeup in five minutes? We learned a universal way to reduce the time spent in front of the mirror and painted everyday makeup step by step so that you would not miss a single important detail.

Everyday makeup in 5 minutes: step by step instructions

Everyday makeup is a universal way to give your face freshness (perfect tone), and facial features expressiveness (using light lip gloss and mascara).

You can always apply daily makeup for walks, office or study. Recall that bright lipstick and arrows of trendy colors – this is not about everyday makeup from the word "completely". Therefore, in the step-by-step instructions, you will not find tips on how to color your lips with red lipstick. But finally you understand what everyday makeup means.

Light tone

Daytime makeup does not imply special “weighting agents” in the form of 16 types of correctors, foundation, powder, concealer and makeup base. The even distribution of the foundation on the face in everyday makeup will help day cream, which must be applied after morning washing. This will help moisturize or nourish the skin before you begin to cover the base of the pores.

A dense tonal foundation is not suitable for everyday makeup, because it also artificially makes the skin heavier. Make sure that your foundation matches exactly with your face tone (for any makeup). Apply a light layer of foundation using a sponge that will help remove excess product residue and make the tone as thin as possible.


Eyebrows in makeup play one of the most important roles, because it is thanks to eyebrows that you can shift the focus to the eyes (yes, arrows and shadows are not the only way). But in everyday makeup, such a story does not work (unless you only painted eyebrows with paint yesterday).

Blend your pencil or eye shadow as naturally as you can, trying to shape your eyebrows, but without painting over too sharp lines. We are for naturalness!


In everyday makeup, you can use the arrow, eye shadow or both methods of emphasis on the eyes at the same time. But without special recommendations and rules can not do.

When adding arrows to everyday makeup in 5 minutes, remember that the arrow should not be accent and bright. It is better to postpone black eyeliner until the evening, in the morning you will not need it. Unlike a brown or gray pencil, or shades of a dark shade, with which you can also easily draw a short, shaded arrow. The task of this arrow is for you to close the light areas of the intermaxillary. This will make the eyelashes visually thicker. Such an arrow is especially useful for girls who have their own eyelashes quite light.

But the shadows for everyday makeup, too, can not be too bright or dark. We suggest you get a small palette of two shades – milk and light brown. These are the basic colors most often used by makeup artists for everyday makeup. With the help of milk, we make the eyelid wider (boldly apply makeup on the moving eyelid, slightly shading it), and brown allows you to deepen your eyes or adjust your eyes (visually expand).

Do not forget about the mascara! It should not resemble semolina porridge from a kindergarten, in which lumps constantly gather, so try to color the cilia as carefully as possible, barely touching the mascara.


And our favorite part is lipstick. Only natural and soft colors: light brown matte, light shine with a coral tint, any nude lying in a makeup bag.

Do not think that lip makeup is festive or just about evening. Believe me, highlighting the lips and giving them color, you only add freshness and radiance to the face. In addition, the right lipstick visually enlarges the lips. Just choose your own and you will understand that you cannot live without painted lips.

You will quickly get used to all our recommendations and begin to do makeup like in the army – while the match is on.

You can always spy a bolder version with the cosmetics queen. Rather, look for the TOP 5 makeup examples of Kylie Jenner.


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